Turn that Volume Down! Finding Balance

One day I was talking to a colleague of mine, and in the middle of our conversation, they laughed and
said something that had NOTHING to do with our present conversation.  When I looked at her quizzically, she pointed to the earpiece in her ear – she was on a call.  I nodded and understood, but then started thinking about how, with all the technological advances at our fingertips, we haven’t mastered the art of an age old attribute: disconnecting all the noise in your life to reconnect with your present moment.

I’m just as guilty of this as most of our population, with multi-tasking the standard ‘gold medal’ of
getting things done.  However, there is a price to pay for that non-stop pace.  Studies have shown
that not having an adequate work-life balance can impact your health, wellness, and overall
emotional well-being.  If you are determined to stay connected, are you really up for the long
term repercussions that affect not only you, but your loved ones around you?

All these contemplations really came into play in my yoga practice journey.  When I first started,
the HARDEST thing was not the bendy, pretzel poses (I won’t bore you with the Sanskit terms LOL),
but it was the simple request from the yoga instructor for us to find a comfortable seated position on our yoga mats, leave all the thoughts that had been crowding up your mind outside the studio door, and to be STILL.

Even then, in mental response, I layered ANOTHER thought to pile on top of the gang of dialogues already existing in my head: to combat that simple request with ‘I can’t do that! What about that meeting I have to go to tomorrow, what are we having for dinner tonight……’ then when I’m still for one minute, looking down at my hands, which triggers ANOTHER random thought:’ Girl, you need to get a manicure!’  As if reading my thoughts, the yoga instructor then instructed the class to close our eyes, and led us through several breathing exercises.  It was then that my body and mind finally settled down.  For one hour the only thing we focused on was our breath and awareness while we went through several flowing poses.  It also made me aware of how when we hold our breath, it can manifest in those stiff necks, health and weight issues, poor posture/alignment, that crease between your eyes from frowning and stressing, and probably a short tempered disposition.

For me, yoga is one of my favorite ways to disconnect, breathe and detox from the busy symphony of my life.  Find your ‘oxygen’, that something that speaks to your pause button – it could be yoga, running, crossfit, aerobics, swimming, knife throwing (hopefully not at someone’s head LOL) – that way the balance will result in more manageable stress levels, better fitness, and above all else a leveled out volume in your life that will positively impact the quality of your career and personal life.



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Regina Kiffin has been a freelance contract recruiter, sourcer and onboarding specialist with Peoplescout since 2014. She have almost 10 years human resources/staffing experience, which spans over several different industries (telecommunications, retail, engineering, manufacturing, and IT). Regina's hobbies are dancing (any type! she is a former professional dancer), working out, going to music and arts festivals, and traveling back and forth back to her hometown of NY to get her fix of shopping, eating, and people watching!

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