Trends Candidates Should Consider in 2017

As usual at this time of year it would be remiss of us not to take the opportunity to look back over the year and pull out some of the trends that we’ve seen amongst our clients and candidates. I am based in Australia so we’re gearing up for a hot, summer break full of beaches and cricket (a bit like baseball but you can go for 5 days with no winner…), but I’m pretty sure that my colleagues around the world have been seeing similar things, albeit with different weather systems…

Employee Referrals continue to rise:

Pretty much all of our clients have some sort of employee referral program, and we actively encourage them to make the most of it.  Every study that you can find calls out employee referrals programs as one of, if not the, best source of hiring for companies.  Referred candidates are more engaged, stay longer and are more productive.  So, if you are looking for a new opportunity, draw up a shortlist of companies and work out who you know that works there.  The power of social networking makes this pretty easy, and for the price of a beer (or a coffee) you can pick their brain on what it means to work at that company. If you’re not a naturally sociable person, just remember that if your contact refers you and you get the role they may qualify for some sort of bounty on the hire. It can be a true win-win.

Treat looking for a job like a job: 

This ties in with the comment above.  Unless you’re one of those people who have jobs constantly put in front of them (in which case you’re probably not reading this) then you need to put some effort and commitment into the process.  Work on your resume, use your networks, think about whom you want to work for and why they should employ you.  Recruiters go through huge amounts of resumes to review so you need to stand out from the crowd. Google it, there is plenty of advice on this point out there.

The flexible workforce:

Gone are the days where a job was for life.  Nowadays a job may be a scope of work for a couple of weeks or a specific assignment from a crowd sourcing site.  Depending on your situation and skillset this opens up huge possibilities if you’re willing (and able) to be flexible.  While this doesn’t suit everyone, we are seeing a rise in the number of clients looking for a flexible workforce which can be turned on and off as required.

Increase in Data Analytics:

We recently completed a piece of research work for a client who was concerned that they were not well placed to attract the relevant skillsets for data analytical roles.  Whilst I’m not suggesting that everyone re-trains as data analysts, there is a clear trend in companies using more and more data in all commercial decision making.  So, even if it is not part of your role, an ability to draw conclusions from data and spot trends is more prevalent than ever.  Again, this is about making yourself marketable and this is a key skill that will help you stand out.

More and more video interviewing:

This is one that strikes fear into the hearts of some candidates. We don’t all like the concept of being filmed or of talking into a camera; however, as a piece of technology, more and more of our clients are utilising it. When faced with video the interviewing approach, act as you would in a normal interview.  Think of your surroundings, your posture and your presentation; answer the questions to the best of your ability.  Like all interviews, the purpose is an opportunity to sell yourself – so, deep breath and put your best foot forward.

Well, that’s it. There have been countless other trends that we have seen this year but those are the ones that stand out for me. If you’re currently looking for a new position best of luck with it and whatever 2017 brings.



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Stephen joined PeopleScout in 2007 to run an onsite RPO solution with a financial services business. This grew into a national account over time. He also ran several other RPO solutions prior to moving into a Head of Accounts role about 4 years ago. In this role, Stephen works closely with onsite teams in Australia, making sure that PeopleScout delivers to the client’s contractual requirements and adding innovation to processes and solutions.

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