Tips to Remember When Filling out an Online Application

These days with everything being electronic, searching for a job can be daunting. With each job comes a potentially long online application, assessment, and resume submission process. Although this can be a challenging and time consuming task, it is very important that you always put you best foot forward when filling out your online applications. Here are a few useful tips and items to remember when conducting your next job search:

  • When applying to a job, read through the job description. Ask yourself, do you truly have these skills, and if so, how can you best highlight them on your application and resume.
  • If you’re applying to different types of roles, make sure that you have different versions of your resume and cover letter to fit what you’re applying too. I have seen resumes or cover letters that indicate how candidates are seeking a role in something complete different than what they are applying for. If your resume objective states you’re seeking a career in accounting and you’re applying to a job in sales, it can sometimes make the recruiter or hiring manager question your true interest in the role.
  • Make sure that your resume is accurate, effective and free of spelling errors. Do your best to keep it down to one page (two tops). Ensure that you’re providing information that is accurate and that you can personally speak to during an interview.
  • When filling out the actual application piece, make sure that it is fully complete. Often times you see candidates that put “see resume” in the application fields. This is extremely frustrating to both the hiring manager and the recruiter. It also does not reflect well on you as the candidate. Many companies keep these applications for compliance purposes; chances are, you’re most likely going to be asked to redone the application properly.
  • Treat your application as you would your resume. Make sure that you are using proper grammar and spelling. So many times I see candidates that fail to capitalize their names, street names, etc.
  • If you have a quirky or funny email address I always recommend setting up a different email address and account strictly for your job search. The same goes for your voicemail- make sure that is a professional voicemail greeting.
  • Always attach a copy of your most recent resume and a compelling cover letter as well. Your cover letter should be customized to the position that you’re applying to and highlight why you’re the right fit. This lets the recruiter know that you’re serious about this role and “not just filling out an application”.
  • If you’re required to take an assessment as part of the application process, take it seriously. These are important parts of the application process and often times determine a pass or fail type of scenario. They can be long and daunting but they can make a huge impact on your candidacy.
  • Last but not least, after you apply to a position check your email frequently. With the digital application process comes digital outreach. You will likely get your interview invites, assessment requests, and even job offers, via email. These are often time sensitive and require timely response.


Although the process of online applications can be rather long, if you’re putting your best foot forward, you’re more likely to get a more positive outcome in your search!



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Angel Ortiz is based out of Lutz, Florida and has been with the PeopleScout organization as a recruiter since March of 2016. Angel has been in the recruiting industry for 17 years and has gained invaluable experience working in the RPO industry supporting many types of clients and organizations.

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