5 Tips To Improve Social Media Branding For Recruiters

Where are the ideal prospective candidates today?

When posting a job through a company website, recruiter job board or professional association, it would be safe to assume that you are attracting a certain percentage of the population. That being said, your ideal applicants and prospects, especially those not actively searching for their next job, are not searching online job boards or reaching out through recruiter sites. These potential candidates are on social media, according to a recent examination of the market through hiring solved. They are not necessarily interested in connecting just to review a job; rather, they want to absorb content, talk to real people and are looking for something to get excited about.

When job seekers are connecting with a recruiter or approached by a company, whether it is through a traditional job application, networking event or social media, more often than not, these individuals are looking into that recruiter or company – sometimes instantly and in real time.

So, why is this important?

Recruiters will use LinkedIn, Facebook, google + and other platforms to find candidates, but are they paying attention to their own online profiles? I have worked with some fantastic recruiters and sources that are great at relationships and command a strong mastery of skills in finding quality profiles. However, many of these same professionals are missing the personal branding aspects in their own social media or professional profiles.

While recruiters are looking at online profiles and connecting with people in through various networking practices, candidate prospects are doing the same thing. In other words, if your eyes are out there searching, have confidence in knowing that your profile is getting views as well. Therefore, if your goal is to attract talent, it is important that your social media profiles are designed to attract as well. Below, I have listed a few items that I feel recruiters could get started on in order to develop a social media profile that is inviting, engaging, human and specific to attracting talent.

Banner Image:

Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus all offer opportunities to be expressive in the banner image through an online profile page. While neutral, arbitrary images may be a safe representation, encourage yourself to be different by adding images that speak to you as a person. You banner order doxycycline no prescription should represent what you are passionate about or highlight something ironic, funny or interesting about your industry or your company.

Professional Summary:

Similarly, your professional summary should talk about you as a person, the industry you support and what you are passionate. The goal is to attract talent. Your summary should be written in a way that will gain interest, provide relevant content and elicit excitement. The idea is that you want to be more human than corporate.   Keep in mind, it is important to ensure that your image and summary are ethical and within the confines of what is considered appropriate or tasteful by respective employers, industry or professional associations.

Add Media:

Job seekers like content. Whether it is related their career, personal interests or simply a funny video, people will view, like, comment and share content that speaks to them. Therefore it is important to regularly update your own social publicly viewed profiles with content that is relevant to your interests, company or industry. Post content expressing your accomplishments, volunteer work and content around professional events you attend. Again, the idea is to enhance your humanity so that when applicants and passive talent review your profile, they will have something to relate to.


People in your network need to recommend you for what you do. If you receive emails or phone calls from clients, candidates or colleagues, kindly ask them to regurgitate that information in the form of a recommendation on your LinkedIn profile or on your Facebook timeline. This practice solidifies your expertise and emphasizes to potential job seeks that you are committed to what you do. Ultimately, the proper use of this feature adds value to your personal and professional brand.

It’s about giving, not taking:

We need to give social content, we need to share interesting articles, we need to provide news updates related to the industries for which we recruit. Our social media and publicly viewed professional profiles need to be human and speak true to what drives us as individuals.

Some thoughts and concepts were developed and referenced from http://www.hiringsolved.com. Specifically this webinar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTTjuuYDbOE



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After joining the RPO industry in 2012, Michael has developed his experience across many diverse lines of business supporting a financial services client. He has held roles in operations, recruitment and strategic sourcing, supporting various professions such as HR, marketing, communications, front line sales and customer service. More recently, Michael has been supporting both the wealth management and private client lines of business. Michael is a determined talent-seeking professional in pursuit of exceptional candidates for the roles he is looking to fill. It is his personal goal to ensure that he delivers an exceptionally positive experience with every new professional he meets.

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