Tips and Tricks for Massive Recruiting

In our industry, it is common to work on massive recruitment campaigns. These high volume projects, are usually geared for workplaces where the turnover rate of employees is high. It is therefore necessary to be innovative, because competitor’s needs are the same and the market quickly becomes saturated. To succeed in this context, it is important to have a structured action plan and follow-up mechanisms that allow you to analyze the results on a regular basis. In this way, you will be able to identify challenges and quickly readjust your strategies and resources.

Fortunately, we lives in Social Media era! For those who are from the old school recruitment world, like myself, you’ve probably experienced cold calling lists as well as distribution of business cards to expand your professional network. Today, we are far from that time. It takes a simple “click” to connect with qualified people and a single email to communicate information to multiple people at the same time. The technology we enjoy allows us to increase the visibility of such campaigns on the internet, to carry out mass actions in order to generate volume, greatly facilitates networking opportunities, and all while minimizing the time invested.

Here are some online strategies that might be helpful:

Advertising Campaign (Facebook)

Increase the visibility of your project with an audience that will be targeted according to your needs.

Virtual Event (LinkedIn)

Allows to manage a high volume of applicants by organizing virtual sessions of interviews, individually or in group.

Job Posting

Whether it’s on your company’s website, on job boards, in your Facebook and Twitter news feeds, on the page of a professional group you follow on LinkedIn or anywhere else.

Candidates Searches

You can now use free Chrome extensions as search tools. Prophet and Facebook Search, for example, are very useful for finding candidates and their contact information. With SourceHub, your ” search strings ” are created for you. Finished Boolean searches that take hours to build!


Use your professional and personal networks to request references. Ask candidates that are not interested about your opportunities to refer a friend or former colleague.

Mass e-mail

Contact hundreds of people a day while offering them an individual experience. However, be prepared to manage the resulting response rate!

Besides these strategies, some old methods like face to face networking and cold calls, will never really be outdated. Modernizing them with today’s technologies can even increase their efficiencies. In a high volume context, you have to be creative and not restricted to your comfort zone. You have to think outside and inside the box, not just in terms of profile research but also for the methods to use. Whatever you do, never forget the importance of regularly looking back in order to evaluate the results of your efforts. This way, you will know exactly what works and what will minimize any wasted time on inadequate initiatives.

There is no secret to the success on such recruitment projects, success depends on several factors, but do not neglect the human aspect of your role as a recruiter. We manage human relations and the candidate experience will have a direct impact on the response rate and your final results.



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About the Author:

Lisa has almost ten years of consultative full-cycle recruitment experience. She started with Hewitt in 2010 as a Recruiting Consultant, working on massive recruitment campaigns for Aeronautics and Finances accounts. One year later, she was promoted by Aon Hewitt, as a permanent Sourcing Specialist, gaining experience with high-level financial roles across both Canada and US market. In 2016, she started with PeopleScout as the Team Leader supporting the North America Strategic Sourcing Team. - - - Lisa détient presque 10 ans d’expérience en recrutement. Elle a commencé sa carrière avec Hewitt en 2010, en tant que Consultante pour des campagnes de recrutement massif au niveau de différents comptes en Aéronautique et Finances. Un an plus tard, elle fût promue, par Aon Hewitt, à un poste permanent comme Recherchiste de Talents, où elle a eu la chance d’acquérir une solide expertise pour les mandats financier de hauts niveaux à travers le Canada et les États-Unis. En 2016, elle à débuter avec PeopleScout en tant que Directrice Adjointe pour l’équipe Nord-Américaine en Recherche de Talents Stratégiques.

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