The Times…They Are A Changing…or Do They Really Change?

We hear from time to time that the only thing that is constant in life is change. There is truth, fact, and wisdom to this bold acknowledgement. And when any real change occurs in life, whether that be professionally or personally, there is ALWAYS a period of uncertainty and the unknown that fosters speculation and a complexity of guess work, a relatively obscure three ring circus. A recent quote from John Archibald Wheeler sums up the impact of change very constructively. Wheeler cites the following on “Einstein’s 3 Rules of Work.” 1) Out of Clutter find Simplicity. 2) From Discord find Harmony…and 3) In the middle of difficulty find opportunity.”

Inevitably, we all likely respond to anything that changes or alters our reality in a manner that attempts to first stop the change from occurring, secondly, attempts to make sense of what the change appears to be, and third, identifies the potential impact the change will have on us individually. Most frequently, the results of this approach is a great deal of negative energy fueled by fear and anxiety…and all of the worst outcomes are the only new reality. And from here begins the clutter of thoughts, thinking, and undesirable outcomes. Yet, imagine if the change one is experiencing, especially in one’s career, is simply a new opportunity to express and develop ideas that were being squashed. Whose ideas…yours!!! What if we took a moment to trust that the change, regardless of what the change appears to be on the outside is in fact an opportunity for us to simplify our view of change? What if the change is the best darn thing for our career and for us personally?

And when all of the work has been done to push aside the negative and undesirable thoughts and outcomes so that great possibilities arise from those ashes…and the discord of combatting thoughts is stretched beyond their own elasticity, and we have exorcised all of the nonsense out of our thoughts and the voices that holler at us, a simple and unified harmony can move forward…that the only outcome will be a good one for all…as I wrote to a friend and colleague today…”All is Well and Always Is.”

And finally, once we have decided to deal with ourselves and the entire circus act that has gone on in our heads about the change that is upon us, we come to realize that everything is fine and is working out. And maybe we chuckle at how hamstrung we got for a short period of time. I am not sure why things happen that way but they do. And as we free our mind of nonsense, and when our thoughts are undivided and are focused on the road before us we begin to experience the real possibility of what is ahead for us. We continue to breathe, realizing that we have been through this before as we shift our energy and actions towards what is ahead. And we understand that the changes, this time, were not all too different from the changes last time. What has changed, however, is how we view the circumstances of change and how we decide we are going to be with those changes. My advice: Embrace the circumstances of change.



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Jeff Wedge has been in the strategic sourcing and social media recruiting industry since 2003. Throughout his career he has worked closely with hiring managers, internal recruiters, HR Managers, HR Directors, and HR Vice Presidents on a number of recruiting assignments from volume recruiting and RPO engagements to confidential executive searches. He holds an Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Sociology from the University of New Brunswick. Jeff is the father of 19 year old son Carter and 15 year old daughter Hallie and he currently resides in Burlington, Ontario.

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