Being self-confident is one of the most desired skills these days.  It can help you in every aspect of everyday life, for example, when gaining new friends, conquering your loved one’s heart, or gaining a higher position in your job.

That being said, self-confidence is not always gained automatically, and the way to develop a sense of self-esteem may be long and complicated – and for this reason, the coaching industry is trending these days.

Self-confidence is a very fragile and easily evaporated aspect of our human psyche; it really depends on our personality. Some people are confident no matter the social anxieties they experience – like unfriendly looks from a stranger.

One of the most stressful and self-discouraging experiences is searching for a job. After sending resumes and constantly getting declined, who wouldn’t think “what is wrong with me”?

The fact is that many interviewers, despite our job-related competencies, will look also for self-confidence in us.  We need to sell ourselves to the future employer – and we cannot sell what we do not truly believe in ourselves.

Job interviews generally involve a lot of talking about yourself, so it may seem difficult to survive an interview when you are lacking self-confidence?

Change Your Way of Thinking

A job interview isn’t just a test for you the candidate; rather, it’s a two-sided situation.  The interview is an opportunity for you to examine them – is the company culture and job duties right for you.  Think about this as a trade agreement between two parties – you are not the only one who needs to be sold. But don’t go too far with that way of thinking – it’s never good to build your self-esteem on depreciating others.

Be prepared

Learn as much as you can about the company and the position to which you applied. Read the job description a few times and make notes. Go above and beyond – think about what the company is searching for in terms of an ideal candidate. Highlight those key factors, which make an ideal candidate, and then pull themes out of your own experience. During the interview, some questions may come to mind – which is perfect!  Believe me, interviewers are waiting for good, intelligent questions from the side of a candidate. This also shows engagement and motivation.  And after all – most of the interviewer’s questions are based on your resume, the position’s description and your behavioral skills. Being prepared will make you more confident and less stressed. It’s like an exam, right? You won’t get an A+ without any knowledge.

On the big day

Plan it well. You have to be on time – not too late or too soon – both will make you nervous and look unprofessional.  Take some time to eat well before hand – when blood-sugar levels are low it’s hard to focus and you’re more likely to feel tired and impatient; all of which will make it impossible to do your best during an interview. Also, choose your best elegant clothes for the day. When you look good it makes you feel good.

Don’t Exaggerate

Remember that being too confident may be viewed as arrogant. Talking at length about your virtues without any real-life examples will only show your weaknesses more than anything else. Interviewers are mainly good at spotting such things in candidates.  Secondly, watch your body language. While eye contact is good, staring at someone will make feel them uncomfortable. Lastly, don’t even think about giving yourself a drink. While alcohol can help calm nerves, it dulls your senses and you run the risk of not sounding intelligent.

Fake it until you Make it

It may sound simple, but if all else fails, you can tell yourself to act. I don’t mean lying, just being an actor who is playing the role of someone who is self-confident. Look at yourself from different perspective – focus on your assets and think about how to bring them out.  Take any past interview you would have had and use it as an experience from which to learn.  The bottom line: The more interviews you will attend, the more used to you will get out of them.  Once you start to believe in your “confident” self, you will become more self-confident!