The Mind-Body-Work Connection – Tie It All In to Win!

I’ve always loved celebrating the New Year.  More than any other holiday, there’s a freshness to it – you have the ability to wipe the slate clean and ‘start over’ – you are filled with optimism for the shiny New Year ahead.  A popular staple for bringing in the New Year is the New Years’ resolution, this often goes unfulfilled and will lose momentum around the third week of the New Year.  You see proof of that by going onto any social media outlet –you get inundated with all these advertisements to get fit, new year new YOU, gym memberships, boot camps, diet plans and the sort, all promising outstanding results.  In theory, that sounds great, but, what isn’t expanded upon (and that’s because let’s face it, folks just want to cash in on the New Years’ Resolution frenzy!) is how a successful fitness/work/life balance journey starts not just in the body, but in the mind FIRST.

There have been many studies on the mind-body connection, and while not getting scientific
about it, there is proof that your body will follow what your mind tells it to do.  Based on what was instilled in me at a young age, the mental discipline to be able to get up early in the morning was fueled by the drive of loving what I was doing, wanting to be the best I could be competitively, and knowing that what I put into my passion was what I got out of it as well.

There is no quick and easy way around getting optimum results.

On the flip side, when I was not feeling well, or didn’t feel like committing to those morning workouts,
I would work on placing directives in my mind most of the day.  These would be in the form of statements ‘I’m tired’, ‘I’m going to go out late tonight’, “I’ve got a date”, “my eyeball hurts’ (OK I’m reaching with that one, but you get the point).  My point is this: If you dig around the excuse bucket long enough, you will find justification for not getting something done, and that applies not only in the fitness world but in the work world also.
This mind-body connection principle also applies in the daily life of our recruiting world.  In my experience, the nature of this industry is a never-ending roller coaster of time sensitive goals.  While it’s imperative that we have to constantly hit the ground running for all of our clients and candidates, we still need to have that mental strength to be able to manage our day effectively.  I do believe that people are more effective and productive in general when a workout regimen is included in their daily schedule.  It doesn’t have to be some crazy kamikaze boot-camp to the death workout, just a simple 20-30 minute ‘gift to yourself’ every day.  The goal isn’t just to make your body happy, but also, to provide a healthy mix of mental stimulation so that you can handle the rest of your day more effectively.

In conclusion, have a great and positive New Year, and don’t forget to feed your mind the proper mental nutrition it needs so that it will get passed along to your body – trust me, your mind and body will thank you for it, and so will the people with whom you have daily relationships, both work and personal.



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Regina Kiffin has been a freelance contract recruiter, sourcer and onboarding specialist with Peoplescout since 2014. She have almost 10 years human resources/staffing experience, which spans over several different industries (telecommunications, retail, engineering, manufacturing, and IT). Regina's hobbies are dancing (any type! she is a former professional dancer), working out, going to music and arts festivals, and traveling back and forth back to her hometown of NY to get her fix of shopping, eating, and people watching!

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