As a Modern Day Sourcer I have always wondered about sourcing greatness. Glen Cathey, Shally Steckerl, Johnny Campbell, Geoff Webb – just to name a few … did these people become instantly awesome? Can anyone be born with Sherlock’s astute logical reasoning and forensic brilliance? I am not a self-proclaimed Sourcing Rock star; a

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Recruitment 4.1 Revised

My good friend Matthew Jeffery postulated in his last post over at ERE  that although most Recruitment firms have not even begun the transition to Recruitment 3.0 there is an increasingly technology driven migration to a newer model of Recruitment 4.0 so for the moment let’s recap what Mr. Jeffery postulated in his last two posts

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How Recruiters Use Social Media

Reposted from: Using the data from Adecco’s global study, this infographic breaks down how recruiters can effectively use social media for online recruiting. The data is gathered from the responses of recruiters from 24 countries. 1,501 recruiters participated in this study,  73% using at least one social media account for professional purposes.

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