Surviving in Between Jobs: 3 Benefits of Working a Temp Job

Graduating from college in December 2010 and snagging my first real job in banking, May of 2011, I expected to be a working girl in the Windy City of Chicago for a long time after.  Almost four years later, I never expected that this would no longer be my reality.  My plans to transition from retail banking to corporate banking did not pan out as expected. On top of that, I had no job prospects and I was not eligible for unemployment benefits. Discouragement was at an all-time high.

One faithful day, I received an email from a recruiter of a temp agency requesting that I come in to speak further about my work experience, in hopes to explore my employment preferences. To be honest, I didn’t even know I’d applied to a temp agency. For some hilarious reason, I’d always assumed temp jobs were grueling paper pushing warehouses, where the supervisor was a chain smoking tyrant shouting orders every thirty minutes.

Needless to say, I agreed to meet the recruiter not knowing what to expect since this wasn’t an actual interview. The meeting went well as I was surprised to find out I had great leverage as an ex-Service Rep for a bank. Resulting this meeting, I worked five temp assignments, two of which I worked twice. Working these assignments was a great and exciting experience! Below I share the benefits of working for a temp agency.

More Beef in Your Stew.

The assignments I had worked through the temp agency were administrative roles for various industries.  I was able to gain knowledge and expertise about things I knew nothing about prior to. I’ve since use this doxycycline order information to beef up my resume. More beef on your resume is always a good look.

Your Professional Knife Is Sharpened.

As mentioned above, my role stayed the same for the majority of these assignments, yet in these assignments I was allowed to fine tune skills I had already honed – such as my computer skills and ability to multi-task. What a great way to use a temp assignment to sharpen your professional knife for the next permanent position! In some instances temp positions can transition into permanent ones.

Learning More in a Short Time.

Because these assignments were not permanent, it was imperative that I learned fast in the company for which I was working. I had to be quick on my toes and willing to work under minimum supervision. This set-up was right up my alley, as it satiated my introverted nature. Learning tasks in a short time frame is an impressive skill to harness and working a temp assignment builds your mental stamina to acquire such skill.

In the end, I’m truly grateful for the opportunity to work for a temp agency.  Not only did I beef up my resume, sharpen my professional knife, and learned a lot in a short period of time, I was able to network with some amazing people, worked for some awesome companies, and got to see more of my beautiful city. I encourage anyone in between jobs to consider working for a temp agency. You never know, it just might lead you to your dream job.



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Tanzania has been a Pre-Employment Coordinator with PeopleScout since January 2017. Before this, she was a Service Associate with BMO Harris Bank for 5 years. She's self-published two fiction novels within the last three years, graduated with a B.S. in Finance in 2010, and is currently working with a team for PeopleScout in Downtown Chicago.

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