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I’ve been recruiting for over ten years now.   I am also a military spouse so over the years, I’ve donated my time to help military members transitioning into the civilian job market.   Sometimes their resumes are short because they served in the military for 4 years and didn’t re-enlist.   In some cases, the military was their entire career so they have over 20 years of work to transition. It took a great amount of time to put their lives on paper.   The task was complicated and in some cases, emotional.

I also started donating my time to young people graduating from college and technical schools in my area. I didn’t think it would take a great amount of time to create their resumes since they were just getting started.   However, it turned out that it was a complicated and emotional task as well.

In both cases, the transition was painful. It was the first time I realized how putting your life on paper affects you.   I had assisted in resume review and updates so frequently in an office setting with limited time that I didn’t realize how emotional the process could be.   Once it took me a week to update a resume for a gentleman with 22 years in the military which took me a week!   When he read it, he called me and said, cheapest doxycycline “This is me.   It’s everything I have done.   It’s who I am.”   I thought, “It’s okay. It’s no big deal.” Obviously, it was a big deal to him.

The students I worked with didn’t seem to give themselves enough credit for what they’d learned and the experience they had in the jobs they’d had as students.   They didn’t feel the experience they’d gotten working summer jobs were important.   I went over their education and pointed out how what they learned might apply to some of the experience they had so far.

I had been reviewing resumes and updating all that time without realizing how much of an impact you can make on someone who is starting over or just getting started.

As a recruiter, I was so busy being busy that when I slowed down I discovered we can make a difference.   I made a mid-life resolution to be a better communicator and not be so preoccupied with my daily work tasks that I forget that our business is people.   Regardless of how minimal your involvement as a recruiter, coordinator, or sourcer may be, we help people change their livelihood and ultimately their lives.






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Sandra is a Talent Advisor based out of Houston. She has over 10 years of experience in human resources and recruitment.

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