Resolve to Become your Ideal Professional Self in 2017

There is nothing like the crisp, blank calendar pages of a brand-new planner to inspire change and growth within your career. View the New Year as a fresh start – the perfect time to re-assess your long-term aspirations and make improvements to your professional self. Whether you are happy with your current position, working towards a promotion, or keeping an eye out for your next move, there is always room to strive for a little more. The key to reaching your career objectives is to focus on the smaller milestones required to get there, rather than becoming overwhelmed or intimidated by lofty goals and unrealistic expectations. This year, think about what you want from your career, then decide how you want to get there.

              Begin with career assessment:

I will create a list of realistic, qualitative career goals and schedule time throughout the year re-evaluate the steps I’m taking to achieve them. Start by asking yourself a few simple questions. What makes you happy in your current position? What aspects of your job would you change? Then, think about your long-term career. Is it what you want to be doing? Is it helping you to reach your goals? Understanding your next step is key to remaining engaged on the job. Keep the big-picture in mind as you complete the smaller, daily tasks. Get clarity from your manager to understand what is expected of you, then be sure to meet or exceed expectations. Be prepared to work harder at the tasks you are given and seek more responsibility in the areas you’d like to strengthen. Plan to be proactive and reach out to your manager to routinely discuss feedback on performance throughout the year.

Next, focus on the changes and updates you can make immediately:

I will join a new networking group or business organization. Building and maintaining a solid professional network is one of the most important things you can do for yourself professionally, regardless of your employment status. Active participation, in-person or online, will build your network and help you to connect with people who will share experiences and knowledge, assist in shaping your current role, or even help to uncover future opportunities.

I will sign up for a blog (such as and begin researching academic journals in order to read a new article each day. Keeping up with the latest trends in your field helps you to stay engaged and updated of any changes and developments. Read voraciously, widely and broadly – see how other subjects enhance your point of view, then make a point to contribute your newfound knowledge during a discussion or meeting. In doing so, you will also set yourself apart from colleagues and demonstrate your commitment to your career.

I will update my resume and LinkedIn profile. It is increasingly important to keep your credentials current as more and more employers are recruiting passive candidates. Also, be sure to send your cheap amoxil 250 mg references a quick note, verifying that you have their most up-to-date contact information.

Then, set intentions to implement a few long-term processes:

I will celebrate my achievements. Evaluate your success following each completed project and keep a running tally of your endeavors as they are fresh in your mind. Not only are they helpful talking points for interviews and cover letters, but they will also help to demonstrate your value and impact as an employee when asking for a promotion or raise. Additionally, keep a file of thank you letters and positive notes praising and/or recognizing you for your work. Knowing how your job fits into the big picture of the company as a whole is inspiring and will foster a greater sense of accomplishment.

I will increase my productivity through organization. There are countless ways to work toward achieving this goal, the aim is to find creative solutions that work for you. Prioritize your time by creating a daily task-list and focusing on one task at a time. Unclutter your work space on a regular basis, and organize your inbox. Strive to be more self-aware. Keep your mindset positive and you will be motivated to be more productive and engaged.

I will improve my communication and teamwork skills. Develop more positive workplace relationships by encouraging open discussions with your coworkers. Return emails promptly, keep others informed of your progress, ask for help, and be sure to thank those who help you. Praise and encourage your colleagues when they do something well. Each of these can build team spirit, improve behavior and attitudes and increase motivation and productivity by making the workday more enjoyable. Being the employee who initiates this positive professional collaboration and cohesion may even increase your chances for advancement.

I will add a new bullet to the ‘skills’ or ‘education’ section of my resume. Build upon your current skillset to become more competitive in your field and add the tools necessary to boost your career. Whether you add a job-specific training or a more transferable skill such as communication or leadership, employers want individuals who are motivated to learn because, without that motivation, we risk stagnation or boredom. Look to colleagues a few steps higher than your current position for inspiration, then determine how you can add their areas of expertise to your own skillset.

Finally, focus outside of your immediate workspace:

I will be mindful of my work-life balance. That new planner will begin to fill-up very quickly, so be sure to set boundaries and take vacation days. Cultivate interests outside of work and make time to do the things you enjoy. While working, take regular breaks in order to recharge and refresh throughout the day. Keep the big-picture in mind as you work toward achieving your professional goals throughout 2017. Happy New Year!



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