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2016 Talent Acquisition Predictions – that likely won’t come true

By | January 5th, 2016|Recruiting and Sourcing|

Every year we look into the crystal ball and we write about all the things that will change for Talent Acquisition for the upcoming year, heck, we did it on this blog just before the new year and although Jeff is very good with his crystal ball – I wanted to follow up that post with some of the rather strong predictions out there in the marketplace that I keep hearing about and why they won’t likely amount to a small ant hill of beans in 2016.  So without further ado or preamble here we go:

10 Predictions For Talent Acquisition In 2016

By | December 22nd, 2015|Recruiting and Sourcing|

I rarely go out into the future and create bold predictions about what is on the horizon but this year, with so much going on in the world of Talent Acquisition, I have to make an exception. For the sake of discussion and challenging what I believe we will see evolve in 2016, I invite candidates and talent acquisition professionals to engage in a creative dialogue that tranforms how people interact in the job search space. I also invite companies to review their talent acquisition process from beginning to end against the predictions below.

You Aren’t Doing Your Job!

By | December 16th, 2015|Recruiting and Sourcing|

I recently had someone ask me what I say in my email to my hiring managers when I present a candidate. I was a little confused and asked “what do you mean, what do I say?” The person responded back and asked me how I present my candidates to my hiring managers to get them to be more appealing. I was still very confused because the person asking me was/is a recruiter and has been for many years. It struck me as odd that someone who is a professional recruiter didn’t seem to know how to present a candidate to a hiring manager – didn’t know how to make the candidate seem “appealing”. Then I started thinking more about this and realized, this isn’t just this one recruiter, this is a whole mess of recruiters AND candidates who no longer know how to sell.

The Investment Challenge: Internal or External Career Fairs?

By | December 7th, 2015|Recruiting and Sourcing|

In the Talent Acquisition world, there is always the dilemma of where the best bang for your buck is when determining your annual budgets. Where do leaders spend all their marketing, advertising, and recruitment dollars each year? What events provide the best investment in finding great talent? Where should I make my biggest investments? Is it sponsored events, career fairs, campus recruitment, internet marketing, referral bonus programs etc.?

Inclusion Is The New Diversity.

By | October 30th, 2015|Recruiting and Sourcing|

Our workforce is becoming more diverse than ever. Many forward-thinking organizations are re-framing their diversity efforts to remain competitive in the marketplace. In fact, Diversity recruitment is one of the most talked about topics today. The question is: How is your organization defining diversity? When we speak of “Diversity in the workplace” most relate it to race or skin color – fulfilling an HR legal diversity gap or good faith efforts.  Many organizations are missing the point. To be honest, this is what I understood before taking a diversity course at Ryerson University, Toronto in April 2015. After completing the course, I realized that true diversity is deeper than this. It’s about being inclusive – recognizing and appreciating the unique qualities each and every individual brings to an organization. It’s about hiring people with different talent, skill, personalities and experiences and embracing people for who they are. This IS the NEW and TRUE diversity that all organizations should embrace. INCLUSION IS THE NEW DIVERSITY.

We Are No Longer in the 1970’s Folks

By | September 29th, 2015|Recruiting and Sourcing|

I recently had the opportunity to sit with a group of newly arrived people to Canada who had just completed a program to help them gain insight into the Canadian market place. And what became clear to me during the time I spent with them is something that has become crystal clear to me over the past few years as the face of talent acquisition has changed significantly. What is clear is that candidates do not understand who their audience is, they do not understand how to develop a strategic approach to finding a new position, and they separate themselves from their professional lives as if there is a separation.

Please, Stop Complaining

By | September 11th, 2015|Recruiting and Sourcing|

I am so lucky. Truly blessed. I have a job. A have a job that helps people. I get to help someone get a job! Thats cool! I get to talk to people all day from all over the world with so many interesting stories. I do this from my home. In sweats most days. I know, not a good picture, just being honest. I do not complain about my job. I feel guilty complaining when I get busy or if I had a rough day. You know why? Because I feel so lucky to have this job.

How to Drive a Winning Talent Acquisition team like an NHL Coach

By | September 4th, 2015|Recruiting and Sourcing|

Have you ever had a dream to manage your own NHL hockey team? What things do you think great NHL coaches do to drive their winning teams? If we take the Toronto Maple Leafs for example, they hired Head Coach Mike Babcock as their principle change agent for the team. Babcock knows that he is not inheriting a highly engaged or skilled team. But what he does best is influence how his players approach each game and execute his strategy as one of the NHL’s most proven coaches. In his book titled “Leave No Doubt,” he writes, “I want to help people who want to make moments happen. People who understand that days, months, and even years can blur, but moments make up the photo album of your memory. Moments happen when we meet our potential.” For Talent Acquisition, it starts by hiring professionals who are proud to see recruitment as a profession. If you have a group of individuals that bring their passion, drive and will to win it helps bring an infectious attitude and culture to the team.

How to Measure and Improve the ROI of Your Recruiting Function

By | September 3rd, 2015|Recruiting and Sourcing|

Famed management consultant Peter Drucker said years ago that, “What gets measured, gets managed.” This adage has become a guiding principle for HR

Innovation is the future of recruitment

By | August 29th, 2015|Featured, Recruiting and Sourcing|

One of the best things about my role with Peoplescout is that I get to demo, review and approve new innovations in the world of Recruitment and Sourcing.  Now some of those innovations are technology based and some are simply process based but whatever the delivery method one thing that I can say is that the world of Recruitment/Sourcing and HR is ripe for disruption and never before in our history as a profession have we seen this pace of innovation.  That’s why I wanted to start this series on the PeopleCorner to talk more about the future of Recruitment.  What trends are on the rise and what are on the decline and also get the perspective of some of my peers in the industry.

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