Raise your profile – get noticed at work!

Do you sometimes find that you have been in an organisation or a role for a while and you feel like you just aren’t being recognised for the work that you do at work?

Sometimes, there are opportunities that pass you by because people don’t know your capability, or you might be passed up to work on a new project or role because your colleagues just don’t know who you are. If you are looking to progress your career, expand your skill set or just be more challenged at work, then you need to be more visible at work. This can be difficult sometimes but important if you want to get noticed!

Here are some actions you can take that will help you get noticed.


You’re not going to be noticed by sitting at your desk or interacting with the same people all the time. Try to start to build some relationships with people other than your immediate team. Join the social club or safety committee or find something that you are passionate about within your organisation and join that committee. You should also try to look at networking hubs that you can join outside of your organisation but in the same area that you work in.

Speak up in Meetings:

Some meetings can be boring and it’s really easy to zone out. Next time, take notice, listen and contribute. Speak up! You are in that meeting for a reason, and people want to hear what you’ve got to say. By speaking up in these situations, you’ll show your colleagues or Manager that you are confident and interested in the meeting at hand.

Ask to Participate in Projects

If you hear of a project that is happening that sounds interesting, put your hand up for it. It will show that you are eager and will work with different people that you haven’t worked with before. Being exposed to these opportunities will make you known to people who didn’t know you before. It will also help you to use your skills that may not be getting put to good use in your current role.

Join a Mentoring Program

Some organisations have a formal mentoring program, if yours does, join it! You can join as a mentee or a mentor and it can have you matched and meeting with people all over the organisation. It’s also a great way to really nut out what you want from your role and how you can best utilise your skills. If you are a mentee, you are likely to be matched to a someone in a Senior role and that is great way to get recognised!

Above all, talk to your Manager if you want to take on more responsibility or talk about what your future career plans are. Being noticed at work doesn’t have to involve a lot of time or add to your workload but putting in the effort but makes a huge impact if you do. Being involved in a lot of different activities will add up and you will start to notice that you are being noticed!



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Peta joined PeopleScout early in 2016 and leads the LexisNexis Account across the Pacific region. Peta has obtained a degree in Business and Commerce majoring in HR and Management and has been working in HR for the last 15 years. With a passion for recruitment, Peta focuses on delivering innovative solutions across her account, always ensuring a quality candidate experience.

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