As a Modern Day Sourcer I have always wondered about sourcing greatness. Glen Cathey, Shally Steckerl, Johnny Campbell, Geoff Webb – just to name a few … did these people become instantly awesome? Can anyone be born with Sherlock’s astute logical reasoning and forensic brilliance? I am not a self-proclaimed Sourcing Rock star; a Boolean Black Belt, World Class Guru of search or a Purple Squirrel Magician but I would eventually like to classify as a Quintessential Sourcer.


Google defines – Quintessential:


An elite marketable, perfect breed of brilliant Hunters who exude, in my opinion, common and distinct characteristics that green Sourcers would die for:

  1. Passionate and obsessed about research: A true Hunter with a strong desire to investigate, chase leads, gathers and examine information.
  2. A Dexter, A True Detective, and A Sherlock: You get the idea. A forensic detective with a natural ability to “connect the dots,” a problem– solver and has a knack of figuring things out. They have an innate gift at Talent Mining – key word and Internet search, ATS database, social networks, Boolean – anything.
  3. Engaging and Influential – cold calling and sending email is an art and require certain finesse. They can convince a lead and / or prospect who are gainfully employed to accept another opportunity. Great sourcers are good listeners; fun to talk to and don’t sound like zombies – charisma counts!
  4. Creative, Curious and Innovative – they think “outside the box,” and have a reputation for both “strategic brilliance and tactical mastery.” They understand that Sourcing is always evolving. They use the right technology tools, social media and always open to new candidate attraction strategies.
  5. Advisors and Teachers – Great sourcers have the distinction of truly changing a Hiring Manager and a Recruiters world. They are the Dalai Lama of giving strategic advice and sharing meaningful thought.
  6. Competitive, persistent and resilient in existence – Understands the diminishing talent reservoir and the war for talent – always tenacious and persistent. They are resilient risk takers who are not afraid of rejection. They never give up!
  7. Commitment to self-study: Constant learning mode and deliberate practice, reading industry-related information, taking related certificate courses. Always keen to improve and striving to be perfect.
  8. Technical, Transactional yet likeable – Understands their role in the corporate and / or staffing world and are skilled at their craft. They know that the ultimate measure of greatness is all about hires. Great Sourcers can sell but also remains personable and trustworthy.
  9. Super organized – sourcing is highly demanding. Great Sourcers know how to manage their time and juggle from one requisition to the next with little adrenalin overload.
  10. Socially connected and well networked – Great Sourcers are connected to thousands of people including their next-door neighbor. They are always asking for referrals, networking and chasing leads.
  11. Business Expertise – Great Sourcers move wherever business needs are. They adapt and are familiar with different types of business functions and geographical locations. They evolve with change, flexible and are early adapters. They take anything that comes their way.

This is a pretty robust list written in no significant order. Do perfect Sourcers exist? What do you think separates world-class performers from everyone else? I may have earned a few bragging rights, but reality is, it may take another century or possibly a second life to classify as a Quintessential Sourcer. The thought genuinely amuses me.

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