Pre-Employment 101 – The Don’ts!

During my time as a Pre-Employment Coordinator and my recent transition to the position of a Candidate Care Specialist, I’ve realized a host of cringeworthy habits and/or behaviors coming from potential employees that makes me wonder if the basics of the process to becoming employed are all but a fleeting wonder.

I’ve been left scratching my head, blank staring at my computer screen, attempting to decode emails and voicemails from candidates, laughing in hysterical unbelief, and resisting the urge to pull out my hair to say the least. Below, I have compiled a list of the top five pre-employment offenses committed by candidates seeking to work for a company.

  1. Unprofessional Email Addresses- i.e., It doesn’t take but a few minutes to create an email address designated for work related correspondence only. These type of emails screams unprofessional and looks very tacky on resumes and employee profiles. And let’s not forget emails that are not legitimate at all so recruiters, pre-employment coordinators, and candidate care specialists etc, receive the infamous MAIL_DAEMON alert. #Tragic
  2. Unreliable Phone Numbers- I hesitated to add this to the list because I know life happens sometimes and cellphones are expensive, and bills are rising, so I can understand a person going without a phone especially if they’re between jobs. Here’s the issue, if you’re going to list a phone number on your application, please ensure that it is reliable. Meaning, it’s one with a voicemail box set up. I don’t know how many times I’ve had to deliver pertinent information and I couldn’t leave a message because the person hadn’t set up their voicemail box or worse, the box was full! Also, if you’re going to list someone else’s number as your contact, PLEASE INFORM THEM! No one wants to call a candidate only to receive a tongue lashing because they were unaware they’d be catching calls about a job they themselves did not apply for!
  3. Excuses, Excuses, Excuses- You applied for the job. You made the interview. You were given instructions on how to move forward. But, when it’s time to follow suit with those instructions you have a boat load of excuses as to why you can’t complete them. I don’t know, I may be a bit old school when I say this, but if you want something you’re going to do what you need to do to make it happen. I honestly believe that those who are prone to make excuses in the beginning phases of the pre-employment process are those who will be poor performers while employed. Too me, frequent excuses speak to a person’s immaturity as well as their actual interest in the job.
  4. Failure to Follow Through- This ties into number 3, because excuses usually fund a candidate’s inability to comply with the requests made of them to obtain the position they’ve applied for. Depending on certain positions and companies, you may be required to complete a request that you wouldn’t have to for a different position or company. For instance, requirements may be different for an entry level sales rep position at one place as opposed to a senior level management position at another. Needless to say, if you want the job, you’re going to have to follow through with its designated requirements. The job opportunity will most certainly fall through when you refuse to follow through with what’s been asked of you.
  5. Ghosting- If you find out that the job you interviewed for is not a good fit for you, you had a personal emergency that will prohibit you from working indefinitely, or you took another offer, please communicate this to the one you interviewed with. Nothing is more nerve-racking than running after a candidate who has long since lost interest in the position they applied to for some reason yet has not communicated this with anyone. Let’s not forget to mention, ghosting on your first day! This has happened a few times that I’ve witnessed, leaving me completely astounded like, “Who does that?” Listen, we would so greatly like not to bother you further with our calls, emails, and texts. However, you must let us know this and we can find another candidate who may be interested.

I’m pretty sure, I can add more to this list. From my experience, this list just happens to be the top five most trending habits I’ve seen on my end. So let’s do better job hunters! Try your best not to fit into this list. And may you find a great position before this year is out using great habits.



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Tanzania has been a Pre-Employment Coordinator with PeopleScout since January 2017. Before this, she was a Service Associate with BMO Harris Bank for 5 years. She's self-published two fiction novels within the last three years, graduated with a B.S. in Finance in 2010, and is currently working with a team for PeopleScout in Downtown Chicago.

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