Perks and Traps of Working in a Home Office

Here in Poland typical workday looks mostly the same, no matter what industry you are in. Wake up in the morning, get dressed and go to the office. Usually business hours are non-negotiable and the only to be home on a weekday is taking a day off.

The idea of work from home is new on the Polish market.  It arrived with the idea of micro-business, where one person owns a company and uses his or her home as an office to reduce costs.

We can divide working from home into two categories – working from home from time to time and being located permanently in your home office. Permanent home office is more popular in Poland among self-employed entrepreneurs and contract workers in technical industries. Occasionally home working is popular in international companies and is considered an additional benefit. In both cases it is used to lower the costs of running a business and to gain employees level of commitment.

As everything, home office has advantages and disadvantages. Many employees noticed that working from home is fine, but also challenging and at the end of the day they have a feeling that could do more, especially when they are used to be office-located.

So how to prepare yourself to use your work from home time as best as possible?

Recent studies shows that idea of open space as the best working environment to support creativity and productivity is no longer up to date. People are missing silence and feeling that they are working alone. Often they also feel more stressed and their productivity level is falling down.

Home work is opportunity to organize your space and time the way you need it. It is common opinion that at home you can work in friendlier environment – for example you don’t need to worry that you are talking too loud during phone conversation – or you can even walk all around without disturbing anybody. You are the king in your own castle!

The day before prepare yourself that tomorrow will be business day as usual – don’t think about it as another day off. If you set up your mind that you will have some lazy time, it will be harder to get back to real work and will bring more frustration.

Do your daily routine – it might be nice to spend all day in pajamas from time to time but it also creates an atmosphere of a weekend. Wake up as usual, brush your teeth and suit up! I guarantee it will bring you more energy at the beginning of the day.

While you are in the office you don’t have much time to run errands or do anything except work. So while you work from home, remember to stay focused and don’t let yourself be distracted by home chores. To help you focus you can use one of my colleague’s tricks – create yourself a list of what to do and what you need to achieve today – how many candidates to contact, how many lines of code to write, how many emails to send or whatever you have on your agenda today. Once you achieve your first goal you will feel motivated and in control, because a working day is built on many small successes.

If you can choose your place – work from home or office – try to avoid staying at home whet onn if you predict that you will not be able to focus. If you know that your neighbor is planning a big makeover for his apartment or kid downstairs is currently during the first lessons of violin – maybe this is the time to go work in the office.

Home office is not always good – it is not creating a timeframe of work – it is easy to loose feeling of time, especially when you don’t have agenda. Remember that even if you are not leaving the office – work always has end. Remember about your work-life balance and set the moment when you will be finished – either at some time or when you fulfill all your duties.

In general, you can have a feeling that everybody loves working from home – flexibility of it and chance to work in your timeframe. But there are people like me, who struggle to organize good home office. I often misses interaction with other people and I find it hard stay focused. If you share my feelings and tips above are not working – enjoy your wok at the office!



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Izabela is a recruiter with 1.5 years of experience. She currently works as a Junior Delivery Specialist, providing full life-cycle recruitment to the hospitality industry in the United Kingdom. Izabela holds a degree in Applied Psychology and works in Kraków, Poland.

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