One Job Offer Accepted and Another Offer Comes In – Now What?

You’ve been on the job hunt for a while now looking for your ideal job. As we all know, landing a new job is not always a quick process; in fact, it usually takes a lot of time and effort. And by the time we get to the final stages of any hiring process, we’re more than ready for a job offer to come through. But what happens when we get multiple offers – and even trickier, we already accepted an offer and another one comes in? This is an all-too common scenario that presents a difficult choice we must make.

A friend of mine just went through this exact same dilemma. She had been job searching for over a year looking for her ideal job. She was employed by another company she had been with for over five years so she wasn’t in a hurry to leave, which provided her the ability to take her job search slowly, and be a little more picky on which jobs she would pursue – and which job offer she would accept.

She finally found her ultimate job. It was a newly created position that was perfectly suited for her background and the direction she wanted her career to go. After weeks of interviewing and anxiously anticipating a job offer, they told her she was their chosen candidate but unfortunately they decided to put the position on hold. They assured her they would contact her immediately when it opened back up again in hopes she was available and still interested. She was heartbroken.

Fast forward several months later she interviewed with another company that closely compared to the one she was so hopeful for months earlier. They ended up making her an offer and she accepted. But of course fate has its way sometimes and a few days later the other company called her and excitedly told her the position opened up again and they wanted her to come in and meet with their Senior Manager as a final step in the interview process. Insert dilemma.

She called and asked me what I would do if I already accepted a position and received an offer from another – one that I was very passionate about. I knew how excited she was about the prospect of working for the company that ended up putting the position on hold, which made my advice that much harder to give.

I told her that if she decided to accept the offer from the other company after already accepting the first one, it would most certainly burn a bridge. She can try all she wants to convince herself that accepting the second offer after already accepting and starting with the first company is justified because of how badly she wanted it, but she needed to look at it from all angles. The company she just started with made an investment in her and her ability to be successful. Doesn’t she owe it to them to follow it through? Plus, how can she be sure the other company is the right one for her? She would be banking on the unknown.

I couldn’t 100% guarantee she would be making the right decision, but ultimately, it comes down to integrity. So is there a wrong and right decision here? Not one that is cut and dry. And of course everyone’s circumstance is different; ultimately everyone needs to do what’s best for them. My parting advice to anyone in a similar circumstance is you can never go wrong if you maintain your integrity.



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