New Season, Old Comfort Zone – Get Uncomfortable!

There’s always a transition between the summer and fall seasons that I love – the subtle changes in the
summer breezes, the leaves start to turn color, kids going back to school, and the great
shopping for fall clothes & boots (yay!)  No matter how great your summer was, you have to be
ready to adjust to the seasonal changes that are inevitably coming your way.
The same can be applied to your life and career – there’s a quote from Albert Einstein which really resonates with me: ‘A ship is always safe at the shore, but that is not what it is built for’.  Depending on what stage you’re at, entry, mid, or senior level, your career will benefit from growth if you are open to new responsibilities.  Sometimes it’s not about the money; rather, it’s about the experiences and knowledge that will develop you on a deeper level – This may result in more confidence, as you step out of your comfort zone.

Look at it like this – the corporate world is built on several levels – you don’t want to be the one who only operates on a myopic level.  Be the best you can be at whatever level you are at, but also be open, flexible and enthusiastic to learn new skills, even if some skills don’t look like they will benefit you at that present moment. If nothing else, everything you learn builds you as an individual.  The most valuable person at any given company is the one who has accumulated and honed new skills while in their current position. For example, a potential new manager is looking internally for a viable candidate for a particular role that involves having Project Management skills.  You, as someone who’s applied for that role, are currently not in a project management role.  However, the manager DOES notice that you have obtained your PMP certification, and have taken on several freelance projects to hone your project management skills and experience.  While there may be several other qualified candidates, a manager will take notice of a candidate who has taken steps ‘outside the box’ to advance their marketability and visibility, taking the initiative to educate themselves.  In terms of the future growth of a role, seeing this kind of initiative may convince the manager that that you are open to continued growth and coaching within their team – and that’s always what makes a great addition to any team – adding someone who can adapt and evolve around new responsibilities.

Don’t let fear of being uncomfortable stop you from expanding your growth potential!  For example, I have a fear of public speaking.  When I had to take a public speaking class in college, I was ALWAYS the first one to volunteer to present my speeches first – why, you ask? Not because I was so excited to run my mouth in front of hundreds of people, but because I was SO scared and nervous, if I didn’t go first I would’ve probably gone into full panic mode waiting to go after my classmates – I got it out of the way!! However, I was SO relieved when I finished, and proud that I pushed past my comfort zone to conquer my fears (and I actually started liking it a little!).  Like the changes in the seasons, once you get over the change from the hot summer breezes to the crisp fall breezes, you might (hopefully!) like it, and stay awhile – before the next seasonal breeze.  As a quote from Caroline Myss indicates, ‘Always go with the choice that scares you the most, because that’s the one that is going to help you grow’.  Face your fears – take a deep breath, and embrace your new experiences.



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Regina Kiffin has been a freelance contract recruiter, sourcer and onboarding specialist with Peoplescout since 2014. She have almost 10 years human resources/staffing experience, which spans over several different industries (telecommunications, retail, engineering, manufacturing, and IT). Regina's hobbies are dancing (any type! she is a former professional dancer), working out, going to music and arts festivals, and traveling back and forth back to her hometown of NY to get her fix of shopping, eating, and people watching!

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    Great article, Regina! Excellent reminder to help stay on top of your game!

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