LinkedIn Profile Quick Fix Worksheet

Many of my colleagues have written great articles on LinkedIn and professional social media (click HERE…..HERE….and HERE). What I would like to do with this article is provide a quick and concise appendix to these articles on the tactical ‘how-to’s’ in order to complete a few steps to either build or refine your LinkedIn profile. Please consider this as a worksheet, like the one you had back in school.

LinkedIn for Your Future Career

Use this worksheet to guide your content creation and engagement with LinkedIn around your future career. Sometimes you may need to translate your information into terms your target audience would find compelling and matching (meaning your content is not everything about you, but what is relevant to your target career and therefore reader). You may write everything here, type out your information, or directly start updating your profile using these guidelines (be careful updating things live). If you are unsure on what to put in the sections below, consider the following sources of information and research:

  1. LinkedIn profiles of professionals in your desired field
  2. Information from your resume
  3. Industry and function specific language
  4. Details from informational interviews
  5. Resources located on professional association websites
  6. Company and job specific information ontarget company websites, news articles, industry publications, and more
  7. Research resources suggested through your alma mater

MAKE NOTES BELOW. It is ok if they are only half complete thoughts, sentence fragments, or just words. Get it down on paper and then refine.

  • Write down key points to make in your summary.


  • Specialties to note:


  • Skills to list:



  • Identify at least 5 connections you are going to make in the next 24 hours.


  • Identify at least 5 people you will generic amoxil reach out to this month to request an informational meeting:


  • Identify at least 2 people you are going to reach out to this month to request a LinkedIn recommendation.


  • Identify at least 10 people you are going to look up on LinkedIn this month and endorse a skill of theirs that you have observed and find they excel in that area (this helps translate to building your endorsements).
  • Groups help enhance your search results and ability to reach out to people. It also allows you a means to gather relevant information and engage with the group in a way that enhances your professional brand.

Sample LinkedIn Groups you may want to join:

  • (enter Alma Mater) Alumni Association
  • Professional associations relevant to your career
  • Networking groups relevant to your career
  • Student groups from your school/alma mater
  • Appropriate volunteer, community, or education affiliated groups

There are many other groups out there. What specific groups are you going to join this week? Brainstorm a few ideas here.


  • Are there any groups you are in that you should leave due to inactivity, relevancy, and potential to confuse your future professional brand?
  • Action Plan (SMART GOALS) – Specific, Measurable, Actionable/Achievable, Relevant/Realistic, Timely

*write at least three (if not more) SMART goals related to LinkedIn that you will complete within an appropriate and specific time period.


Additional resources: and make sure to also click on “See the Tips” button at the bottom of the page.



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