As Talent Acquisition specialists, we often utilize LinkedIn and there are always best practices to remember. Here are ways to leverage LinkedIn to attract and interact with top candidates.


  1. Is beauty really Skin Deep?

A LinkedIn profile needs to be attractive to candidates. Your LinkedIn profile is the first impression you make on a candidate, what message are you sending them?

Do you have consistent branding? Images of happy, passionate employees?

Can candidates recognize your company’s voice? Do they get a feel for your culture?

Go beyond just putting the basics up and really fill this out as a full-fledged page that represents who you are as a part of an exciting company to invest a career in.


  1. Give them a reason to fall in love with the idea of becoming you.

Candidates emotionally resonate with the employers that they prefer. People want to make a difference, to be fulfilled, to know at the end of the day that the work they do matters.

  • What story are you telling through your profile and your posts?
  • Why would working at your company be more fulfilling than at your competitors?
  • Give them the stories that hit the emotional reasons to work for your organization.


  1. Engage in the conversation.

Many companies create a LinkedIn page; then never join in the conversation.

  • You have to maintain it! Relationships take work!
  • If you want to engage candidates, you have to be engaging.
    • That means you regularly post thoughtful, helpful content that adds buy amoxil amoxicillin online value to the lives of candidates.
    • Give them advice on interviewing, resume writing, the inside scoop on what it’s like to work at your organization.
    • Show them that their success matters to you.


  1. Remember: Pay it forward!

Introduce people. Think of how you can benefit others.

  • Always think several ripples out when it comes to being generous.
  • The kindness you show today in connecting someone will come back to you.


  1. It really IS who you know.

Make sure your connections are the ones who will be interested in your messages and presence.

  • You need to be highly networked within your own company
  • Content needs to be relevant to resonate- know your audience
  1. Work the magic.
  • You can be part of up to 50 Groups, there are University pages you can post to, you can pay for Career tabs, you can have your employees comment on your posts, host chat sessions – with some creativity, you can work magic and become a prominent brand that stands out to candidates who are searching for relevant, leading employers.
  • How much you leverage LinkedIn depends on your ability to commit to being present, staying current, and keeping a personal, caring focus on the value you provide candidates.
  • Keep your candidate’s experience of your brand first and foremost on LinkedIn and you’ll attract the candidates that fit your company.