Knowing When It Is Time

In the summer of 2014, I knew the time had come to make a move that was scary for me and my family.  We were at the beach for the weekend with some friends and I was going on and on about how miserable I had been the last few months at my job.  I loved the company, but the daily stress of my job and the expectations outweighed the money I made, the friends I had at work, the community service I was able to participate in, and more.  I reflected on my personal life and how I barely remembered seeing my kids that morning or putting them to bed the night before.  That night, my husband and I had a major heart to heart conversation about what our next steps would be.


That week, I gave my notice to my employer of six years.  It was an amazing job, awesome benefits, tremendous company that was recognized as a top employer not only in the city and state, but by nationally recognized organizations.  When I went in and gave my notice, my Vice President did not believe me.  She thought I was leaving for another job.  I gave the company a month’s notice, helped transition others into my roles, and then at 8:00 pm on my last day, took my box of personal belongings and turned in my badge.  It was scary and exhilarating at the same time.   When I got home that evening, some friends had stopped by to celebrate my next step in life….although I wasn’t sure what that looked like exactly, I knew it involved more time at home watching my babies grow and spending more time with my husband.


Four years later as I look back at that time, I do not regret ever leaving my full-time position with an amazing company.  That amazing company gave me tremendous opportunities, I accomplished things that I never knew were possible, I made some awesome memories and friends, and I was a strong leader!  However, I was giving too much of myself to my work and not enough time to my family and my health suffered too.


When I was ready to go back to work, I looked for something flexible, with a good work-life balance.  A strong company that I could still do what I loved, earned enough to contribute to our family, but was able to leave work at work, not bring it home each night to my family.  It wasn’t easy to find this position with a great company, but I looked, interviewed, networked, and never gave up!


We only get to live this life once!  Our health, our family, our lives are more important than any job.  It is scary to take a step back and make a leap of faith, but I can tell you from experience, it is worth it!  I never lost any of my connections with other professionals in my field, as a matter of fact, I dove in further into my career but as a volunteer.  I helped others and that fulfilled so much within me.  I still keep in touch with my co-workers, I still have a great deal of respect for the company that I left, but my life is better because of the decision I made.  I took charge!


Is it time for you to take a step back?  Is it time for you to reflect on your job, your career, your next step?  Don’t be afraid, know when it is time to make a change!



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Melanie Sinai was born and raised in Montgomery, Alabama, and for the past 9 years she has lived in beautiful San Antonio, TX. She has three amazing children: Isabella, Braydon, and Sebastian. Melanie has worked in many different HR including Recruitment, HR Generalist/Management, Employee Relations, Benefits, Relocation, Compensation and Safety, as well as a variety of industries including oil and gas, RPO, hospitality, call centers, manufacturing, newspapers, and a recruiting agency.

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