Hygge Your Workplace: What is hygge, and How Can You Do it at Work?

As busy as we get, we don’t have time to indulge ourselves especially when winter is a never ending story. We feel overwhelmed with new assignments and our to-do list seems to be endless. We are working around the clock to solve personal and professional matters with no time to take a break. It sounds like a chronically over-booked calendar disorder, doesn’t it?

Being swamped with work can be linked to sleep disturbance, lack of concentration and depression. We keep ourselves going with a little help from caffeine, energy drinks and sugar that often are used to take the edge of stress.


People in Europe have created a perfect remedy. Hygge comes from a Danish word meaning wellbeing and is a form of everyday togetherness. It is a Scandinavian interpretation of good living and acknowledging a special feeling or moment, whether alone or with friends. Also, personal connection and real time presence during social conversations are substantial factors of hygge.


Why hygge at work?


Data collected by Copenhagen’s Happiness Research Institute shows astonishing results – “78% of Danish workers value a safe, cozy and casual atmosphere in the office, and agree that concept of hygge should be also used in the workplace”.

Isn’t hygge contradictory when it comes to working more efficiently? In my opinion work would not be the first thing that you will associate with this term, however all well-functioning workplaces have a special space for the everyday togetherness. Our PeopleScout office in Krakow has it as well. Here, you can make a cozy spot that feels more intimate. You can drag a comfy chair next to the window to get daylight so precious especially during this time of season. You can also change meeting locations from a conference room to a homely sofa, or find a smaller table to sit closer to your colleagues for a nice chat.


Work can be a perfect place to practice this piece of Danish attitude. Here are three ways to embrace hygge at your workplace:


  1. Make yourself at home – bring a mug from home to have a sip of warm beverage during your break. Decorate your desk with pictures of your family, favorite souvenir from a trip to Japan, or hang a string of lights around your desk. Put a flower next to your computer to feel warmth and relaxation.
  2. Embrace teamwork – do random acts of kindness for your teammates. Get together around the table and share food or your latest funny story. Take an opportunity to create an atmosphere of connection and gratitude.
  3. Indulge yourself – take pleasure in the little things. Reward yourself with comfort food during a break time. Walk a bit to get coffee near the office or select some easy and relaxing office exercises. Later on you will feel energized, pumped and excited about how your day is going to unfold.


Hygge is all about making us happy. Cozy ambiance, warm lighting and natural fabrics have a huge impact on employees’ mood, work participation, creativeness and security. This Danish concept of bringing happiness to everyday situations by building warmth and coziness should be brought out of a home and put into the workplace to reduce employees’ stress and improve their productivity. We spend so much time at work, so why don’t we make it quality time and embrace it together.



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Paulina is a Junior Delivery Specialist looking for top talent for a US-based financial institution. She has been with PeopleScout for over a year working in Krakow office, Poland. Paulina is a dedicated and easy going team player. A massive rugby fan. She loves playing ukulele and writing poetry in her spare time.

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