How to survive the Holiday Season professionally

With winter holidays in full swing, we can feel different emotions gearing up to burst. Whether you are a current job seeker or happily employed, you can meet some ups and downs during this season. Are you one of those people who light up together with all the Christmas candles and decorations? Or are you one of those who fight every day to hide their internal Grumpy Cat?

There is also a chance that you are seeking for a new job just now. The year comes to an end and the Holiday season does not ease the fact that some projects are in their final stages. Whatever your situation is, this time of year is special.

If you are wondering how to get through it, I have come up with some tips to soften the blow.

Keep your mind healthy and plan ahead!

If you are working in a specific industry it’s possible that there are tasks that need to be completed by the close of the year or January. Prioritizing those projects and focusing on deadlines, will help you to avoid the anxiety later and post-holiday rush.

Negotiate you time off with your manager early enough: if you want to get some extra days off during the crazy season – be respectful and do not surprise your boss with the request at the last minute.

Be compassionate and tame your inner Grinch

If you work as a recruiter you could possibly notice that some candidates may respond less frequently or that there is a slow-down within the recruiting flow. Keep in mind that this may be the effect of the Holiday season and do not be too hard on them (or yourself) if you are not able to keep the pace of your usual work. Depending on the business there are different hiring cycles. Retail and services companies may want to hire more, but expect a slow-down in financial and software industries.

If you are actively sourcing for a new job, give yourself some time, since some ads may get updated by mid-January. Do not add yourself additional stress by freaking out over lower season.

Be positive and benefit from networking!

This time of the year is packed with social events. Try to take advantage of it and make new business connections which may help you with your job seeking.

If you are a current employee remember that maintaining good connections with your co-workers is a part of healthy environment. Small talk scares you and makes you want to curl like a blanket burrito? You don’t have to force conversations but if it all goes wrong and you are desperately looking for a new topic at the party, I can tell from my personal experience that nothing connects people more like a good food.

We also have to keep in mind that not everyone is a big fan of Christmas or Holiday stresses but we can all benefit from being understanding and kind to each other.

The power of gratitude AND good humor!

I hope these little pieces of advice will help you during this time of the year and if they do not, you can always enjoy the Christmas lights. Those months may be hard for some but after all, we all drive the same sleigh. Relax a bit, buckle up and enjoy the ride!



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