How to Decline a Job Offer

This is it! The company you have applied for wants to hire you. Congratulations! This is really exciting news, and that voice in your head may scream “Go for it! Accept it now!” But maybe you have to take a few factors into consideration, or maybe you have received more attractive offer, encouraging you to decline to the first one.

This can be very problematic; especially when you have dedicated your time and energy to creating and sending your resume, attended a series of interviews and convinced the company that you really want the job.  You don’t want the employer to think that you’ve played them. How do you handle this, while still coming across professionally?

First off, you should inform the company as soon as possible.  If the possibility of declining a job offer comes up in your mind, you should inform the potential employer. That being said, it’s okay to continue in the recruitment process when you are unsure. During the process, always express your concerns and desires. This will not only keep a honest dialogue but could possibly shape the eventual offer.

What to say:

When declining, give good and complex explanation. Never blame the company or the salary, focus on good sites instead. The best approach is to be brief but honest about your specific reason for not accepting the position. This will keep future possibilities from this company open for you.

Show your appreciation:

If you think that the company is a very good place to work and you know someone that would better fit the role, you can always give referrals. This practice is welcomed by the recruitment team, and you can do a favor to your colleague or a friend.

Have networking in mind:

Always remember that a lot of effort goes into generating an offer. People have invested time and may have even supported your candidacy for the job, negotiating your salary with the hiring manager. Maybe the company could offer you a great opportunity in the future, or your needs will change. It is good that you make a statement about how you’ve enjoyed meeting everyone and that you would like to stay in touch. It also opens the possibility of networking in the future.

Saying no after putting so much effort in to the process may be very difficult, but remember, this may be inevitable when searching for your dream job.



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