Do you feel stuck in your current job?

You may remember that day that you obtained your dream job. It stood in line with your education and your career expectations. After a couple of years in the business, you achieved high position and a decent salary, and you’ve learned everything that you could. Maybe that is the point? You do the same things every day. There is no opportunity to learn something new. You don’t feel like your work matters. You don’t feel happy at all.

You start thinking of change but it isn’t just about changing the company or getting promoted – you look at your boss and you don’t want to be at that place in the future. You tried to discuss it with a Career Counselor, but they only suggested the same type of job but with different companies. You looked at opportunities on the internet but every role that might seem interesting has requirements you cannot fulfill.

So how to change your career path?

And if it’s even possible? Of course it is. You just need to change your way of thinking.

The main obstacle in finding new job is yourself.

You need to stop fear of change of what your friends would say if you lose your current position. You are master of your own life.

Think of all of this things that make you happy.

Write them down and think about a job that would suit your happiness. Try to think of the skills used in your current job and how they would be useful in your future dream job. If you found something similar – good for you! That would be a perfect point to add to your cover letter.

Look for internships or volunteer work.

You should be never too old for this kind of work. Be aware that changing a career path may be related to a decrease in your earnings. You would need to balance out the difference between happiness and money.

Look for people, not jobs

–Another crucial skills for you to master at this point is networking. It is the most important part of the process. However simple it may sound, you need to start talking to people. Maybe some of your friends or coworkers are in the same situation.   By sharing your thoughts, you will receive support in return, which will help encourage your decision.

Try and explore

Networking would give you some other benefits as well. Find someone in your environment that holds a position you feel would be perfect for you.  Ask them if you could shadow them – which means spending the day with them at work. This would be the perfect occasion to compare your expectations to the reality – maybe the job of interest would not be a fit. If you decide to take this career path, you would have a friend that could help you prepare to recruitment process.

Be patient

The process of career changing may take longer than you expected. You must be ready to do the work and journey of change. But, if you find a career that you are a true match for, it will occur very rewarding. Good luck!