Maybe you are reading this article because you had a bad day. You are in the right place! It doesn’t matter how positive of a person you are, bad days happen to the best of us.

Reasons for bad days at work can be plenty. You can came to work in a bad mood because you had a bump or you had an argument with your partner. Or maybe a traffic jam is the reason.

At work, as in life, the reasons are endless. If you’re struggling to find the bright side today, try some of these tips. It can help you not only today, but it will improve your workday in general. These are some positive ideas on how to deal with frustrations and find ways to stay calm. It’s much better to take action that can turn things around, or at least stop them from getting worse. Remember, bad emotions can negatively affect your health!

  • Even if you think that your boss, your team, or even the whole world is against you on that day, remember that you only need one close person to talk to – a friend who will listen and help you face your problems. If she/he is not working that day, do not keep your feelings inside. Try taking a notepad and write down all the issues you’re having. Getting it out can help you process the problem and figure out what steps to take to fix it.
  • One cannot live by bread alone. Or not the work itself. Make sure to take regenerative breaks and drink plenty of water. Even small dehydration makes your mind less optimal and can make you feel exhausted. You could also try a fruit cocktail.
  • Listen to a favourite song. Music can be a mood regulator. Find a song that always lifts your mood; the one that makes you think of something pleasant and relaxing. It really helps!
  • Do not take it personally. We can deal with problems. But we can prevent them as well. Try to learn how to interpret events differently. If your bad day was due to someone else’s negativity, do not take it personally.
  • Deep breathing has a naturally therapeutic and stress-reducing effect. Close your eyes and practice inhaling deeply through your nose for a two-second count, pausing for two seconds, and then exhaling for another two seconds. Feeling better now?
  • A plant on the desk could revive your surroundings and cheer up your desk.
  • If you find that you are having more bad days at work than good ones, it might be time for a change. Find a new job if your work environment is toxic.

Everyone has their own method that works for him or her. It’s very useful to have your own strategy for dealing with difficult days. For me, chocolate is key 🙂