Game On – The Rise Of Gamification In Recruitment

In my job I spend a lot of time talking to current and potential clients about recruitment.  We discuss what is working, what isn’t working, what the challenges are and how we can help them solve problems that they are facing. One of the main questions that I continue to see from hiring managers is “how can I be sure that the candidate we hire is the best person for the job?” The simple answer is that you can never be 100% sure, but with more technology now available than ever before, we’re seeing more and more that using predictive analytics increases the odds to our favour.

One of the approaches becoming more popular is gamification. Essentially, this is a way of collecting data and measureable feedback relating to candidates through games and challenges. IT and programming companies have been using gamification for a while – creating coding challenges for candidates.  We are now seeing more of an uptake into other industries as well. This might be related to specific tasks relevant to the job opportunity; such as, a simulation where the candidate manages a hotel (major hotel chain) or has the opportunity to build a rail network (Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing). Examples like these have benefits on a number of levels:

  • A benefit to the candidate, gamification can act as a realistic job preview, putting them into situations which relate to real life, and allowing them to experience tasks which directly relate to what they would be doing on the job. This also allows online doxycycline buy candidates to opt out of the process if a job preview reveals a poor fit for them.
  • A benefit to the company, gamification can be a great way to sell the employee value proposition. They can give the candidates insight around the style and culture of an organisation, and depending on the results, can help recruiters assess candidates against key criteria whilst making the process fun and engaging. Thus, reducing the number of applications that the company has to review.

We live in an age where we keep hearing that data is king; gamification provides recruiters with more data points to assist in the decision making process. Whilst no recruitment process is perfect, any tool which helps increase the probability of success is going to be beneficial to everyone involved.

So what should you do if you are asked to participate in an online game as part of the recruitment process?  First, remember that if you are participating in such an assessment process, your approach should be the same as it would for any part of a typical interview process.  Set some time aside and find a space to concentrate (probably not best on your phone on the bus…), and use the assessment to get a feeling for your prospective employer – every recruitment activity is a two way process.  Most of all – have fun and see it as a challenge!



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