Gaining Momentum this Year, and Maintaining it

Happy new year to you that’s reading! I really hope you’ve gotten off to a good start so far, considering the year is still new.  I honestly believe that this year will be exactly what you make it; whether it be professionally, relationally or academically. Believe it or not, we are all in a position to make the type of decisions that can make or break this year. Below I would like to share my advice on how to gain momentum this year, and how to maintain it.

Assess where you went wrong last year.

Did you do a lot of procrastinating? Did you allow excuses to keep you stagnate? Was fear a contributing factor for your decision to not to apply for that job? Go back to school? Move to a new city? Now is the perfect time to adjust your habits, this is, if you are not in the mood to see a rerun of last year. Just a heads up, you should always calculate your risks before you take them. Blindfolds and risks are not partners so think strategically before you act. Impulsive actions can be lethal.

Make a conscious effort to find out what it is you’re passionate about.

What excites you more than anything else? What causes you to light up whenever you hear or think about it? Most of the time your passion leads you to your purpose. You may love children and early childhood development. Well, have you ever thought about going back to school for this? Listen, no one is going to be able to find out what you’re passionate about. Your passion is specific to you. It’s personal to you! Also, find motivations other than money, when it comes to pursuing your passion. The money will come once you’ve spent enough time with your passion until it has turned into your purpose.

Celebrate every milestone you make.

It’s only when you put yourself in competition with someone else that you begin to punish yourself for your personal mountains.  It’s ok to do the Rocky Balboa when you’ve hacked away at something on your goal list. These celebrations will be stored in your memory bank and fuel the energy you need to keep moving forward with your goals.

Sometimes it’s best to keep some things you’re working on to yourself.

Don’t feel pressured or obligated to show everyone your blueprint because you will squeeze out room for mistakes or changes in your journey. You will also be more prone to moving according to everyone else’s timeline or schedule when you share too much too soon. You may even find yourself forcing things to happen. A forced anything, is a premature everything.

Educate yourself! When you study something that you fear, it no longer stays a fear.

It’s because we usually fear the unknown. I say, kill that fear with knowledge! That’s what all the Greats are good at. Moreover, stop assuming! Assumptions are questions that turned into statements because people were too afraid to ask them. Many have missed opportunities because they assumed a thing. “Well I thought…” WRONG! Stop that!

During the month of December and this current month, I was able to engage in a lot of soul searching; so much so, I located every area of opportunity for growth and redevelopment in my life. I’m excited because I realized that the very habits and methods I considered beneficial, were not advantageous at all. Since I’ve made a conscious effort to follow these simple steps, come December 31st 2019, I’m confident that I will be in a space that will make me proud. I would hope that you would like to share the same sentiment.



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