First Day On The Job? Shape Your Attitude!

Starting a new job can be very stressful and it doesn’t matter if this is your first or tenth employer. New place, new people and new responsibilities can feel overwhelming.

Usually before you start a permanent job you face a trial period and after that time you should receive the feedback make a decision whether or not you would like to maintain long term relationship with the company

What to do to make those first few weeks easier? What to do to fit into new groups more easily?

First of all – do not pretend to be someone else. Simply be yourself. This is the best advice you can get not only when you are going on a first date, but also for the first day of work. You cannot pretend to be a different person for a long time and if your behaviour suddenly changes, people around you may get a feeling that you were not honest with them. Also, while pretending and role-playing, you are not acting naturally and people can sense it. You will be considered as “that new strange guy” and this is not a great start.

Next thing – be polite. Of course you don’t have to profess your love to everyone around you, but there is nothing wrong with just being nice. We tend to like kind people more and of course working with someone nice is much easier. Good manners are important too. Do not be late – set you alarm 10 minutes earlier and it will give you some safety and comfort. Say “Hello” to everybody, even if you don’t remember their names. These small things cost nothing, but can have very big influence on your professional image.

Third advice – don’t be afraid. You can be stressed, but do not fear. You were hired for a reason and now you have to learn as much as you can about your new responsibilities, so don’t be afraid to ask and be curious – and later buy doxycycline online pharmacy listen carefully. You can also take notes or ask to organize a training for you. Asking questions is the way to express your engagement and will help you avoid mistakes in the future. It will be also opportunity to find a mentor – someone who will be helping you and guiding through this difficult time.

Remember to avoid constant comparisons between your previous job and your current one – don’t be arrogant and don’t say things like “my previous company was so big and important, and we got better processes”. It’s rude and unprofessional.

Next tip – socialize, meet your new coworkers, participate in their smaller and bigger office traditions. Each team got some kind of rhythm of life – try to learn it and follow along. Good conversation during shared meal will also make your day more enjoyable, however make sure you avoid gossip and don’t engage in arguments.

Be positive! You chose this company for a reason. Some things may be hard, changes are always difficult. Don’t complain too much during first weeks – grumpy people are less likely to be seen as professionals.

You can also find tips stating that you should stay longer than your co-workers or at least your manager. I disagree with this advice. In my opinion when you finish your work, there is no reason to linger in the office. If you don’t know if it is ok to leave on time – ask others, they will let you know what the best strategy is.

New job is always full of surprises and challenges. But first feeling you should have is excitement – you made a move that you were looking for and you are pursuing your career goals. Be happy about it – others will definitely see and appreciate it!



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Izabela is a recruiter with 1.5 years of experience. She currently works as a Junior Delivery Specialist, providing full life-cycle recruitment to the hospitality industry in the United Kingdom. Izabela holds a degree in Applied Psychology and works in Kraków, Poland.

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