I find myself saying this a lot to those around me, and singing it too…it is such a catchy tune: “The job market is hot, but for whom?”

For those who are very experienced, but not in management, they seem to have hit some barriers. They get interviews but don’t end up getting the job. They have heard a lot of “You are over qualified” or “We think you will get bored”. As a result, I get some of these questions:

Should I change my resume to list less of what I did at my previous job?

Why don’t they let me decide if I will get bored or not?

Can I ask the recruiter what they suggest?

I find these two sayings to be spot on: “Looking for a job is a full time job” and “It is easier to find a job when you already have a job”. Both of these are very true statements. It takes a lot of time, organization and effort to find a job. Also, when you have a job, you are more confident and comfortable; when you do not have a job, you are a little more anxious, nervous and less confident.

For those of you who have buy doxycycline hyclate online been looking for a while and have good experience but are having difficulty landing your next career move, here are a few things I suggest.

Look at your experience and think what you truly enjoy doing the most. Theme your resume on that, not all of the details and accomplishments in your experience, just what you enjoyed doing the most.

Look at jobs that will allow you to do the things you most enjoy in your career. Narrowing it down will help a lot in your job search.

There are a lot of jobs…..apply to those you are truly interested in. Remember, focus on what you enjoy most.

Learn something new. Look at a different path in your career.

Be confident! If you are currently out of a job, act like you have one…that is the confidence you need to portray.

Do not give up! Use every phone interview, in-person interview, questionnaire, and online assessment as a learning opportunity and gain back your confidence.

Most importantly, don’t stop believin! The right job is out there and hopefully you will be connected soon.