Don’t Make These Interview Mistakes


The interview process can be a bit scary, but staying calm is your best option.  Confidence can be the key to landing that perfect job. Understanding what you should and shouldn’t do during an interview is important. Many interviewees know what to do during an interview, but do you know what not to do? It sounds like common sense, but interviewers will tell you, people make these ten mistakes all the time.

  1. Don’t make false statements

It’s important to make sure you look good to an employer, but a fib will never work. You never want to make false statements because your employer will eventually find out. The employer will do their research on you, especially if you are being strongly considered for the position.

  1. Don’t mention weaknesses that are central to the job

What is your weakness? Everyone hates that question. Understand that your answer goes a long way, and you don’t want to say anything that would jeopardize your candidacy.  Make sure your weaknesses are not central to your target job. Do your research, and make sure you have a clear idea of what they are looking for in a candidate.

  1. Don’t be vague about how you are qualified

Do not be afraid to brag about yourself and your qualifications. You don’t want to be vague about how you are qualified. Take your time, and put passion in your work history. This is something that you should rehearse if you don’t feel confident about what to say. Rehearsing will also keep you from forgetting any key elements that can benefit you in an interview.

  1. Don’t ignore some interviewers in a group session

Own the room! If you have more than one interviewer, make everyone in the room feel included while you are speaking. Try your best not to only focus on one person. They all will be weighing in about whether to hire you, so owning the room is key.

  1. Don’t come off as a know-it-all

Keep an “I am ready to learn ordering amoxil more” attitude. No matter your qualifications, when you are hired by a new company, you always have to be trained into their culture. Never come off as a know-it-all because you always have more to learn.

  1. Don’t be late

Timing is everything. Calculating the amount of time you need to get ready and get to the interview is very important. Aim to be 15 minutes early.  You never want to keep you interviewers waiting. You never know if your timing was logged and whether or not it cost you the job.

  1. Don’t wear casual clothes

No matter what the job is you are applying for, your attire can get you hired! I know someone who wore a suit to a McDonald’s interview, and it got him the job. The hiring manager saw that he was serious about getting the job. He was promoted to a manager position. Your presentation can make a big impact.

  1. Don’t talk too much

When you answer a question, know when to end your response. Don’t give a long, drawn-out story. Often the interviewer will look for key words in your response to help determine if they want to move you along in the process. Don’t bore them or make the interview longer than it needs to be, but stay passionate about your responses.

  1. Don’t have a careless attitude

Take every interview seriously. Always give the impression that you want the job. Even if it’s not your dream job, you want the interviewer to know you’re serious about the position. A careless attitude will definitely not get you hired.

  1. Don’t order alcohol during interview meal

Some interviews may end with a meal. After a long day of interviewing, you may just want to relax and order a drink. However, the meal is part of the interview, and everyone at the table is still watching your behavior. Show the employer you know how to relax and stay confident without any alcohol.



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