Creating your Space at a New Job or Team

“I am so excited! It’s the first day of my new job. I will have a new setup, new workstation, new people, new boss and on top of it all I will have a new team to work.”

Most of us have this feeling when we are on the first day of a new job. There is a lot of excitement as well as little nervousness about how early we will be able to adapt to a new company.

Here are few points that you can keep in mind during first few months in your new job, company or team.

  1. Observe and Understand 
    When you are new to the team, you should first focus on observing the nature of other team members. It is important you understand them well — their experience, knowledge, strengths, position in the team, network, etc. Recognize that they have been on the team longer than you and know more about the process, company, rules and policies. Go a little slow and take some time to understand them.
  2. Don’t be Judgmental
    You will hear different stories or experiences from everyone about the company, job, manager, policies and other things. Some may say good things, and some may say bad things. You need to listen patiently to everyone and try to understand how they have developed that feeling or experience. You need to know the history or the background as to why they have developed that opinion. Don’t be too judgmental in the initial stage. Take your time to evaluate things based on your understanding because you may eventually develop completely a different view of the same thing. Make your judgement only based what you have experience.
  3. Make your Space 
    It is very important that you make your space, no matter if you are on a two-member or a 20-member team. How you do it is totally dependent on your strength, knowledge, relationship building, creativity, value addition, pro-activeness, extra initiatives and a lot more. The earlier you make your space, the better it is for you. However, please make sure that you demonstrate good ethics and values at the same time. It is about maintaining healthy competition and displaying your unique qualities so to win a respectable position in the team. You may be good at somethings and not so good at others. It is important that you showcase your strengths at the right time to create your space on the team. While you are creating your space, it is equally important that you create accountability with the other team members. They should look to you for your knowledge rather than just your position or title in the organization.
  4. Be Open and Approachable 
    We all come from different backgrounds and carry our own unique experiences, but it is important that we keep our minds open to completely new thoughts/views on the same thing. We should come across as an approachable people who are ready for discussion. You might have done something in a certain way in the past, but at your new company, they may do it in a different way. Be open and ready to learn rather than criticizing and pointing out the problems. Before you criticize or evaluate, spend time learning why something is done that way and determine if there is actually a need to change it.
  5. Pause and Make your Point
    You enter a meeting about a new initiative that your team is about to take, and you see that everyone is sharing their ideas and viewpoints. If you have a better idea, pause and make your point. However, be prepared to defend it. Sometimes to create your own space, it is ok to listen, accept rejection and let things go. You have shared your viewpoint, and at first, that can be enough to show that you can add value to the team. You will slowly see people start listening to you if your ideas are strong. Be sure of what you say in team meetings because everyone is noticing you.
  6. Share your Knowledge When the Time is Right 
    Once you learn the new job, meet people and have created some space on the team, you should share your knowledge and convince your team of your ideas. Your team is now ready to value your statements, suggestions, ideas, plans, etc. They have seen you patiently listening to others, understanding the existing process, collaborating with others, etc and are now prepared to try things your way. You demonstrated that you understand and respect others.

Try these out, and you will see a smooth transition on to your new team. But don’t forget to remain true to your values and ethics, as mentioned before.



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