Creating a Culture of Gratitude

With busy work schedules and the fast pace of the work place, managers and coworkers often forget to  acknowledge those around them who help keep one another successful.   Not only does it create a healthy team environment, creating a culture of gratitude can help improve morale and inspires creativity by making all participants and colleagues feel integral to the work force.  Each of us can do our part by recognizing how those around us contribute, helping everyone understand that they are valued.

Notice what people do faithfully – take time to stop and thank a colleague for what they do behind the scenes.  Human nature takes for granted when things function smoothly – such as getting a pay check on time.  But as soon as that basic function no longer works – we realize how important what that person’s role is to all of the team – it is important to let colleagues know this – as everyone needs to feel valued.

-When someone makes a sacrifice – or has really put in extra effort to achieve a company goal – take the time to acknowledge their contributions – not only individually but in front of their colleagues – recognition is worth more to some than financial reward, and goes a long way to boost morale.

-Let others speak – when there are problems to solve – invite all to contribute their ideas.  Sometimes people are just shy or are in a position that only uses a part of their potential or skill set.  By allowing them to be heard – they are invited to become a more valued part of the team, practice creative problem solving – and that respect shown creates further gratitude.

-Rewarding success and effort is a practical way of saying thank you – by bringing in food, taking a team to a meal,  adding to benefits, providing a bonus or healthy pay incentive, people are allowed to share in success – and will want to contribute to further company success in the future.

-Ask colleagues regularly what can be done to make their job and work environment more of a success – often employees are not asked for their opinion – but in a positive work place – their feedback can make for vast process improvements and innovation.  Taking time to open the environment for individual contributions can not only save money for the business In the long run, but empowers employees to having a part in creating a healthy work environment.

-Nurture team relationships – making sure the corporate environment is a place where all feel valued and respected and feel safe to report when they are treated unfairly.

By thinking of ways we can acknowledge what each team member contributes, positivity and respect go a long way in ensuring corporate success, creating a culture of gratitude where business and success can thrive.



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Before joining PeopleScout in March of 2015, Corinne’s previous employment included eight years in international non-profit management and 20 years as a media project manager and director in the Seattle and Los Angeles market working in television and film. She has taught at both the Art Institute of Seattle and the University of Washington while transitioning into her Human Resources Career. She has over 13 years of recruiting experience and specializes in hiring processes, candidate selection, documentation, interviewing, site leadership, account management and recruiting. Corinne is based in Seattle, WA where she works for clients both onsite and remotely.

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