Click, apply. Click, apply. The story of a habitual applicant

Today I spoke to a candidate who was so excited and thrilled I was calling her for a role I have open. She told me she has been wanting to work for this company for years. She went on and on telling me she has tried desperately to get in with this company, to no avail. She proceeded to give me the list of all the positions she had applied to in the last year. As soon as she got to about the 5th or 6th one I realized exactly why she hadn’t been selected – she was all over the map. She had applied to various roles with which she wasn’t even qualified for.

I looked her up in our applicant tracking system and saw she had applied to over 50 roles within the last year. All ranging from HR, to Accounting, to Event Management. This woman has a background in Customer Service. She is a very seasoned Front Office Manager. She is not an HR Director nor is she qualified to be an HR Director.

So I asked her what so many recruiters decide not to ask. I asked her what she wants to do. I asked her what she is passionate about. And then, I got real with her. I told her she cannot apply to roles she isn’t qualified for. I told her to stop applying for the Director of Finance job when she doesn’t have the min. qualification of a Finance Degree. And then I asked her why she applied to those roles.

Her answer was simple and one we can all assume a lot of people do – she was applying in hopes of getting someone to call her.

To be fair to all the recruiters out there, I know you are busy. We are all busy. We cannot call every single person who applies to our roles. But is it so hard to pick up the phone when we see someone like Hannah, the habitual applicant? Is it so hard to coach and educate Hannah the habitual applicant on the do’s and donts of applying for jobs? I mean honestly, is our job to simply disposition candidates and not have real honest conversations anymore?

When I got into recruiting I wanted to be a part of something. I wanted to make a difference. I know I am not saving the world or coming up for a cure for cancer, but I feel like what I do is important. I take pride in my work. One thing my candidates often tell me is, Thank you. Thank you for taking the time to help. To educate me. To coach me along in this process. And that makes me feel like I am in fact making a difference. So to all my recruiting peers out there, do me a favor – do your candidates a favor, help ’em out. Take the time to coach and educate. It will save you hours of time having to disposition those candidates who are not qualified because guess what? They wont apply because you took the time to help them out. You did your job!

Now, to all you Hannah the Habitual Applicants out there, please do us favor – think about what you want. Think about what you are qualified to do. Read the job description. Make sure you have ALL the required skills before you click, apply. It will save you hours of clicking and maybe, just maybe you will finally get the job you are a perfect fit for.



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