Checking in With Yourself

One day, out of the blue, you suddenly have this thought, “maybe I should look for a new job’. It can be a startling idea, you weren’t expecting it, but it’s hard to ignore the thought once it crosses your mind. It’s even kind of a radical idea, most of us plan and hope to stay with a company for years, no one goes into a new role with a preconceived idea of how long they’ll be there. So, there you are one day, you’ve been in your current position for a while, things are good, maybe even great. Realistically, at some point in everyone’s career you get to a place when you wonder if it is time to move on to something new. You might think, why would I want to leave now, when nothing is wrong? It’s an interesting thought, why would you want to leave?

This happens to each of us at some point, maybe you hear from a former colleague all about the great new job they just landed. Perhaps you see a co-worker get an unexpected promotion, or maybe the wind changes direction, it can really come out of nowhere. But there it is, just there, in your mind, asking the question, “What if?”. With unemployment at a record low and companies increasing their hiring like we haven’t seen in recent years

It’s a reasonable question to ask, and here’s why:

First, no matter what your career goals, it’s always a good idea to check in with yourself from time to time about where you are professionally. It’s a good idea to think about whether this is the right role for you now, and here are some reasonable questions to ask:

have you outgrown the position?

Do you still feel challenged?

Do you feel valued?

Does the company align with your values?

Do you need to make more money?

Do you wish you had more time off?

After going through this evaluation process, you may find that there isn’t any issue at all and that you are exactly where you need to be. If that is the case, you can feel confident that you are right where you need to be. And if not, then it’s time to think about the next chapter.



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Danielle is a Global Innovation & Technology Lead for the Center of Excellence. She has 12+ years’ experience in talent acquisition, 8 of which has been in recruitment strategy and employment branding. Danielle currently supports several clients across various industries as well as manages vendor operations and relationships for all PeopleScout Client Delivery teams. She lives in Northern California with her husband, two Basset Hounds and two cats.

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