Veterans- You’ve got skills and abilities!

Your transitioning out of the military, employers are reaching out to you based on the skills you have gained in the military; however, you have no desire to continue down that career path, what do you do? Change your focus. Start by asking yourself, “What do I really want to do?”. Look at your priorities,

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Skills and Personality – Taking Both to the Interview

So your military career has ended and you are wondering how you will adjust to working in the private sector. Let’s face it – working in the military versus working in corporate America is completely opposite. While I was never Active Duty, I worked for Marine Corps Community Services for five years in Okinawa, Japan

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Always active-Juggling Reserve and Full-time Employer Commitments

As a career reservist and full-time employee, it is often difficult to achieve a perfect balance between these competing obligations. Employers who value the significance of Reserve and Guard employees constantly find ways to accommodate this dual schedule. Overlapping responsibilities will push one obligation into the other’s space and causing friction points. Employers also seek

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Military resumes – Civilian perspective

As you may expect from the title of this article, I do not have a military experience. However, being a recruitment professional I have seen thousands of resumes of active or former military members. Very often I come across veterans whose post-military career does not reflect the experience and expertise they gained while on duty.

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Veteran’s Corner Transition Tips

In the last post I likened the transition from military to civilian life to going through a different type of basic training: one that will likely be challenging and humbling. I provided a few tips including the absolute necessity of focusing your search on a handful of companies, and: Identifying where (geographically) you want to

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Location and Vocation-The struggle is real.

Your active duty career ends in 6 months and you’re currently stationed overseas or on the opposite side of the US. You have taken a long hard look at your plans to leave the service and are setting your priorities accordingly. You have taken the required transition courses, built your master resume and have even

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Focusing on Transition- Observation and Perseverance

I wanted to share the ups and downs of my transition from Active Duty back into the civilian sector. I started as a reservist and then went active duty, specifically as an AGR Recruiter of which I served 6 years, before exiting Active Duty to return to the civilian sector in 2014. Although I remained

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