Knowing When It Is Time

In the summer of 2014, I knew the time had come to make a move that was scary for me and my family.  We were at the beach for the weekend with some friends and I was going on and on about how miserable I had been the last few months at my job.  I

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It’s a new year! New start! New opportunities! New goals! New resume?

Many of us hold on to the same resume – same format – same information, year after year. If this sounds like you, it may be time to update that outdated resume. Contact Information – Including specifics, such as your street address and home telephone number, may be a thing of the past. You can

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How to survive the Holiday Season professionally

With winter holidays in full swing, we can feel different emotions gearing up to burst. Whether you are a current job seeker or happily employed, you can meet some ups and downs during this season. Are you one of those people who light up together with all the Christmas candles and decorations? Or are you

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HR Business Partner – What Does It Really Mean?

HRBP a term that begins to sound more and more familiar, although it is still a new and not always fully defined function. More companies are employing HR business partners as they try to better adjust human resources with the needs of the business. Dave Ulrich was the creator of the concept of HR business

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Before You Hit Reply – How to Write Letters to Your Recruiter

Email address is first point of contact to almost everybody – recruiters are no exception. We write emails every day, probably more than we think – every second 2.4 million emails are sent. With this number it is easy to assume that everybody knows how to write a proper email but with all informational chaos

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How not to Bring your Personal Issues to Work

Some of life events may be really hard to cope with, and we all go through different stages over a lifetime. The most stressful include, but are not limited to divorce, health issues, death in the family. Sometimes stress caused by personal life is so heavy that you cannot escape from it. You may be

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