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Transition, Transformation or Revolution: What are we in and what will work look like in the future?

In the world of work, the exchange of time and productive human effort for the affordability of a certain lifestyle, there is a plethora of history where technology and global change has created a totality of change in how work is carried out. Many pundits refer to this shift as a transition or a

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The Pros and Cons of Counter Offers

As a recruiting professional, I have seen situations where someone applies for a new position, goes through the interview process, gets an offer, notifies/gives notice to their current employer, and the current employer comes back with a counter offer to get the person to stay. Sometimes, frankly, I have worked with candidates where I

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Planning Your Career Path

Think about your career plans right now. Some reading this may not have a career plan, but maybe you are now starting to think you need a plan. Now, think about your career plans when you were five years old. How do they compare? Do you still want to be a ballerina, fire fighter, or

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How not to Bring your Personal Issues to Work

Some of life events may be really hard to cope with, and we all go through different stages over a lifetime. The most stressful include, but are not limited to divorce, health issues, death in the family. Sometimes stress caused by personal life is so heavy that you cannot escape from it. You may be

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My Experience with a Scam Job Posting

I want to start with my own experience running into a scam job positing. Summer was coming, and I needed a paid internship in marketing. My ultimate goal was to work in downtown Chicago. I applied to internships through several recruiting companies, but then I received an interview invitation from a company located downtown even

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I am frequently asked the question, “Am I a virtual worker?" all the time. Why I am asked is perhaps because for the past 5 years I have worked full time in a virtual work environment, able to be productive and flexible to accommodate business and client needs as they arise. I am more

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5 of the Biggest Pet Peeves Recruiters Have About Candidates

Recruiters are busy. On any given day, we are working to fill multiple positions, collaborating with a handful of hiring managers, and keeping track of countless applicants. Our goal is always to work quickly to fill each of those positions with the most qualified candidates; however, the process does not always move fast. Personally,

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Surviving in Between Jobs: 3 Benefits of Working a Temp Job

Graduating from college in December 2010 and snagging my first real job in banking, May of 2011, I expected to be a working girl in the Windy City of Chicago for a long time after.  Almost four years later, I never expected that this would no longer be my reality.  My plans to transition from

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How to Avoid Looking Unprofessional in Emails

In this day and age many people use their smartphones to send off written communications. We are Busy. Though technology has made things easier for us in many ways, as a society, we seem to be so much busier than ever before (oh, the irony!). As a result, we oftentimes opt for time savers. How

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What makes a Good Talent Advisor

What is the difference between a recruiter and a talent advisor?  On the surface you might think, not a whole lot.  A recruiter and a talent advisor both work to fill positions for their client(s) and both are tasked with a similar mission: find the best possible candidates in the shortest amount of time.  Seems

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