The Real Deal About Resumes

I remember years ago hearing that hiring managers, on average, take approximately 6-10 seconds to review the resume of a job applicant. I’m sure this time varies based on numerous factors, but from my experience, when hiring managers and recruiters are reviewing a stack of resumes, generally it’s a quick glance in order to determine

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Task Management 101

Anyone that works with a client base, whether in service, sales, high end deliverables, or whatever, will understand that there are expectations waiting for you on a daily basis – meeting deadlines with your client, manager, and peers. Those deadlines also have expectations that the product or service you are providing is of the highest

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Avoiding Project Management Pitfalls- Part 2: Execution, Monitoring & Controlling and Closing Projects

My previous article focused on common project management pitfalls during the initiating and planning process groups. This article will focus on common project management pitfalls for the last three project management process groups: Executing Monitoring and Controlling Closing Executing is the act of performing the work that has been scoped in the project management plan

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My Experience with a Scam Job Posting

I want to start with my own experience running into a scam job positing. Summer was coming, and I needed a paid internship in marketing. My ultimate goal was to work in downtown Chicago. I applied to internships through several recruiting companies, but then I received an interview invitation from a company located downtown even

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Do you think about Telephone Etiquette When Job hunting?

I recently contacted a candidate about a position as a follow-up to an online application. The call went like this (names changed to protect the guilty): Alex: Hello. (monotone) Me: Hi! May I speak with Alex? Alex. Yeah. Me: Is this Alex? Alex: Yeah. Me: This is Cynde with XYZ Staffing. You had applied online

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The Thrill of the Hunt for the Purple Squirrel

The Urban Dictionary defines the term “Purple Squirrel” as a recruiter's metaphor for the elusive candidate, the applicant who possesses the ideal combination of qualifications and experience, perfectly matching a company's job posting.  The term is synonymous with the phrase “ideal candidate”. Recruiters are typically very determined by nature and we thrive on competition; so,

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Avoiding Project Management Pitfalls- Part I: Initiation & Planning

In the outsourcing space, it is important to be flexible when responding to shifting priorities and the diverse needs of clients. Each client has unique needs, expectations and cultures; therefore, it is important to quickly align to those needs and understand the most effective way to service the client.   When starting a project or

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Tips and Tricks for Massive Recruiting

In our industry, it is common to work on massive recruitment campaigns. These high volume projects, are usually geared for workplaces where the turnover rate of employees is high. It is therefore necessary to be innovative, because competitor’s needs are the same and the market quickly becomes saturated. To succeed in this context, it is

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