To Grad School or Not to Grad School, That Is the Question

If you are considering going back to grad school to boost your career, you should read this article. Millions of people globally earn graduate degrees each year – be it an MBA, MA, MS, or another related degree.  Though my years of university career services work and now talent acquisition advisory, one key factor to

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Task Management 101

Anyone that works with a client base, whether in service, sales, high end deliverables, or whatever, will understand that there are expectations waiting for you on a daily basis – meeting deadlines with your client, manager, and peers. Those deadlines also have expectations that the product or service you are providing is of the highest

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New Crew on Board! How Do You Welcome New Employees?

This year, I took part in local workshops about building so-called “dream-teams”. A meeting itself aimed at building successful/desired teams specifically in start-ups. What came beyond the organizer’s expectations was that some participants like me were coming not only from different industries but also from various types of organizations. Bunch of individuals representing start-ups and

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Training – It Matters

From the time you signed the blank check to the military you have been going through training. At times it seemed like non-stop and repetitive, while at other times it was very challenging. It does not matter which branch you served in, the training was ALWAYS mandatory. Like me, at times you’ve asked yourself

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