Transition, Transformation or Revolution: What are we in and what will work look like in the future?

In the world of work, the exchange of time and productive human effort for the affordability of a certain lifestyle, there is a plethora of history where technology and global change has created a totality of change in how work is carried out. Many pundits refer to this shift as a transition or a

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Instant Messaging at Work: Keeping it Professional

It would be very difficult to deny the contributions communication technology to has made to businesses in the last couple of decades. The ability to send correspondence electronically has dramatically changed how business is done all over the world. However, with new technology comes new potential problems and the need to create new norms

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Digital RPO Part 3: The Human Element

Over the course of the past two installments we have examined the powerful and important concepts of automation and innovation. Through examining both developmental concepts we have learned how they work together to provide companies with a strong foundation of technological progress. In the digital Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) space, it is crucial to

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The Move To Process Efficiency and Consistency: Bold Predictions for the Talent Acquisition Industry in 2017

As 2017 unveils itself and we are beyond the reminiscing and time spent either in sorrow or in absolute glee about the year that we just graduated from, I want to take a few minutes to make some bold predictions for the Talent Acquisition industry in 2017. The Candidate Driven market will completely take

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7 Reasons Why It’s Important to Run Background Checks on Your Volunteers or Temps

Virtually all businesses have pre-employment background check policies in place nowadays. In many cases, though, these policies target full-time employees. Fewer companies run thorough background checks on part-timers, and even fewer conduct checks on temporary or non-employee hires like temps, volunteers, and contractors. There are understandable reasons for this decision. Running background checks costs money,

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Digital RPO, Part 1: Automation

The continual progression of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) into the digital age is marked with functionality that allows both front-end and back-end users to optimize their experience with any given recruitment platform. There are several methods used in the development of recruitment software that enables digital RPO to expand its capabilities and transform the

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Do I Really Have To Take A Test To Get The Job?

When you apply for some positions, you may be required to complete multiple steps in the selection process in addition to applying online or completing an application form.  Employers across many different industries and fields may utilize an “assessment” as one step.  It may be referred to by other names such as a “skills inventory”. 

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Sci-Fi: Fantasy to Reality?

Projection for the future:  2013 study by researchers at Oxford University posited that as many as 47% of all jobs in the United States are at risk of “computerization.” The Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) has become an emerging topic; so much so that you may have watched the Sunday night (October 9, 2016) episode of 60 minutes

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