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The Times…They Are A Changing…or Do They Really Change?

We hear from time to time that the only thing that is constant in life is change. There is truth, fact, and wisdom to this bold acknowledgement. And when any real change occurs in life, whether that be professionally or personally, there is ALWAYS a period of uncertainty and the unknown that fosters speculation and a complexity of guess work, a relatively obscure three ring circus. A recent quote from John Archibald Wheeler sums up the impact of change very constructively. Wheeler cites the following on “Einstein’s 3 Rules of Work.” 1) Out of Clutter find Simplicity. 2) From Discord find Harmony…and 3) In the middle of difficulty find opportunity.”

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A Recruiter’s End of the Year Thoughts

Time flies, and soon we will be ringing in a brand-new year. The end of the year is actually a “coulda, shoulda, woulda, time of year” when we take a few moments to think, reflect and wrap things up. As a recruiter, I am taking some time to think about my role, what I have done and what I would have done differently. As most of you will say, it was a very busy year with many new experiences and lessons learned. My 2015 was the same. I am wrapping up my thoughts and here are a few points that I think we should remember and be aware of when it comes to our job as recruiters and influencers.

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