It’s Time to Update Your Resume!

So we’re 8 months into the new year. The old year has bit the dust and we’ve now exchanged gifts and partied like it was 1999. Last year, as far as employment goes for me, I shifted in August, from my position as a Pre-Employment Coordinator to a Customer Care Specialist. It was a challenging

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How to stand out when applying for roles

It’s a tough gig looking for a job these days. It can be a full-time job in itself; however, like anything, if you are prepared and understand the process, it can be a much easier, simpler and more efficient.  Also, you can bring something a bit unique to the process, so you stand out over

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The Real Deal About Resumes

I remember years ago hearing that hiring managers, on average, take approximately 6-10 seconds to review the resume of a job applicant. I’m sure this time varies based on numerous factors, but from my experience, when hiring managers and recruiters are reviewing a stack of resumes, generally it’s a quick glance in order to determine

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Pre-Employment 101 – The Don’ts!

During my time as a Pre-Employment Coordinator and my recent transition to the position of a Candidate Care Specialist, I've realized a host of cringeworthy habits and/or behaviors coming from potential employees that makes me wonder if the basics of the process to becoming employed are all but a fleeting wonder. I've been left scratching

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Keywords That Define you: Why They Work

Letting Keywords Work for you A resume and cover letter is designed to get your foot in the door when a company is looking for talent; so what if a machine looks at your information first in order determines who gets an interview?  Keywords in your resume and cover letter are the ticket to moving

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How to Ask for a Letter of Recommendation

A perfect job just opened up. You have a great resume and cover letter ready to go, but the company asks for a letter of recommendation. Asking for a letter of recommendation may seem intimidating if you don’t know who to ask. If you’re lucky, maybe you have someone in mind. To get the most

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Projecting Success From a Clean Resume

With an average of less than 10 seconds to impress a potential employer, your resume needs to clearly and cleanly say who you are.  You need to get across your skill set and achievements in a bold, contemporary, targeted style.  Listing your work experience and education are important, but the way in which you do

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It’s a new year! New start! New opportunities! New goals! New resume?

Many of us hold on to the same resume – same format – same information, year after year. If this sounds like you, it may be time to update that outdated resume. Contact Information – Including specifics, such as your street address and home telephone number, may be a thing of the past. You can

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Simple Job Searching Tips That Are Often Overlooked

I could give job searching advice all day long. After all, I’ve been in the recruiting industry for the greater part of my career since graduating college. I’ll skip providing the math and exactly how long that’s been in an attempt to not feel old today. Let’s just say it’s been long enough to see

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