Top 10 Resume Pet Peeves Recruiters Want You To Avoid

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live the life of a recruiter? Well maybe not. But I’m sure most of us have wondered what a recruiter will think of our resume. After all, the resume is often our ticket through the gate to employment. The resume can make or break us when it

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Five Grammar Mistakes to Avoid on Your Resume

It’s been a long time since you’ve taken an English class, but those grammar lessons make a difference when you’re writing your resume. Even if you’re applying to jobs where writing isn’t a big part of the job description, spelling and grammar errors, typos and other writing mistakes can make an impact on the person

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Using your Resume as your “Sales Pitch”

Some jobseekers are not adept at “selling or marketing” themselves effectively on their resumes.  Many resumes are lackluster and monotonous.  Frequently candidates will even cut and paste job posting onto their resumes instead of highlighting their achievements and skills, which renders their resume to nothing more than a job description. The vast amount of advice

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Yes and No of How to Make Your CV Look Great

When you think about the most important part of applying for a job, you probably think about a curriculum vitae. Your CV is the main reason someone picks up the phone and calls to know more about you. Yet candidates tend to spend very little amount of time writing their resume or CV. To create

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What “not” to Include in Your Resume

Resumes, CVs, Curriculum Vitaes… call them what you wish… we have all written them, and a lot of us have sweated, edited, cut and pasted and tried to somehow put ourselves down on the page. Clearly, unless you have Steven King powers of writing, this is no easy task. As recruiters we’re often asked how

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Resume Writing: A Recruiter’s Perspective

Writing a resume can be overwhelming; this is the one aspect of the job search that a candidate can control. A lifetime of education, work experience, and skills must be condensed down to one sleek document. Keeping a resume brief and to the point is imperative. Knowing that a recruiter takes less than 10

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Is My Resume Too Long?

I had a candidate ask me this questions the other day, when submitting a resume for a project consultant job. This resume and cover letter submission was eight pages long in total.  Most readers would probably agree with the response I gave this candidate – “yes, the resume is a bit too long”.  But,

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How To Squeeze Lemonade Out Of Seemingly Non-relevant Jobs On Your Resume

We all have had our “first job”, the get in the door types of positions, earn some additional cash, and support yourself while studying kinds of employment. Most of us didn’t think strategically when we were in our late teens/early twenties, so we accepted jobs based on the schedule that would work with school hours

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Keeping it simple and getting hired

I recently sat down to dinner with some close friends. Three of these folks were looking for new careers for the new year, and since I’m in the recruiting profession, they had some questions for me. At first I thought these were pretty simple questions, but then I realized that it was because they were

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Trends Candidates Should Consider in 2017

As usual at this time of year it would be remiss of us not to take the opportunity to look back over the year and pull out some of the trends that we’ve seen amongst our clients and candidates. I am based in Australia so we’re gearing up for a hot, summer break full of

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