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2016 Talent Acquisition Predictions – that likely won’t come true

Every year we look into the crystal ball and we write about all the things that will change for Talent Acquisition for the upcoming year, heck, we did it on this blog just before the new year and although Jeff is very good with his crystal ball – I wanted to follow up that post

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The Investment Challenge: Internal or External Career Fairs?

In the Talent Acquisition world, there is always the dilemma of where the best bang for your buck is when determining your annual budgets. Where do leaders spend all their marketing, advertising, and recruitment dollars each year? What events provide the best investment in finding great talent? Where should I make my biggest investments? Is

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Inclusion Is The New Diversity.

Our workforce is becoming more diverse than ever. Many forward-thinking organizations are re-framing their diversity efforts to remain competitive in the marketplace. In fact, Diversity recruitment is one of the most talked about topics today. The question is: How is your organization defining diversity? When we speak of “Diversity in the workplace” most relate it

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How to Drive a Winning Talent Acquisition team like an NHL Coach

Have you ever had a dream to manage your own NHL hockey team? What things do you think great NHL coaches do to drive their winning teams? If we take the Toronto Maple Leafs for example, they hired Head Coach Mike Babcock as their principle change agent for the team. Babcock knows that he is

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How to Measure and Improve the ROI of Your Recruiting Function

Famed management consultant Peter Drucker said years ago that, “What gets measured, gets managed.” This adage has become a guiding principle for HR in the 21st century but few companies have fully realized the benefits that data analysis and metrics have to offer. For example, when it comes to measuring the return on investment (ROI)

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Innovation is the future of recruitment

One of the best things about my role with Peoplescout is that I get to demo, review and approve new innovations in the world of Recruitment and Sourcing.  Now some of those innovations are technology based and some are simply process based but whatever the delivery method one thing that I can say is that the

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