Networking: Tackling the Battle of Conversation

For some people, conversation and human interaction is an effortless task – for others, not so much. It can be difficult or stressful to engage in conversation in a group setting. This post will provide some tips for starting a conversation during what can already be a nerve-wracking experience: a networking event. It is important

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Networking Tips for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is a very sociable time of the year and a great time to strengthen and expand your professional network. With little effort, you can meet a large number of interesting people over the holidays while attending your company’s holiday party, social events with professional associations, celebrations with friends and family, or

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Students – How to Get Hired!

I have had the privilege of working with college students for most of my career either in a university career services or recruiting capacity.  While I have had tons of fun, I have also learned many things that are typical questions of every student each year.  Here, I will try to answer some common questions

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Simple Job Searching Tips That Are Often Overlooked

I could give job searching advice all day long. After all, I’ve been in the recruiting industry for the greater part of my career since graduating college. I’ll skip providing the math and exactly how long that’s been in an attempt to not feel old today. Let’s just say it’s been long enough to see

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The Whats and Whys of Employee Referral Programs

Companies struggle with finding new employees. The market becomes more and more candidate-centric and the best people have plenty of offers to choose from. To attract new talent, HR departments often collaborate with marketing departments, attend job fairs, or create social media campaigns to gain attention from job seekers. A key part of a marketing

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Building Your Professional Image

Fine feathers make fine birds – we hear it very often nowadays. And it is actually true. People are constantly observing our behaviour and forming theories about us. Whether you like it or not, you do have an image. A positive professional image is essential to a successful career, no matter your age or industry

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Going “Social” is the New Networking

When you hear the word “networking” you tend to associate it with sales. Sales professionals need to constantly expand their pool of potential customers, leads and relevant contacts; so this is something that their job and career depends upon. We all know that one serial “networker.”  You know,  the guy that makes sure everyone

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Get the Scoop: Informational Interviews

The term informational interview is an intimidating concept because most people are unsure of what it is. An informational interview has multiple definitions and can benefit both potential job seekers and employers. Below we’ll go through the purpose of the employer led informational interview and the job seeker led informational interview. Employer Led: When

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Don’t Underestimate the Power of Networking

I can’t emphasize this enough. Working in the recruiting industry, networking is not a word or concept we view lightly. In fact, it’s a way of life. We live, breathe, wake to, and fall asleep to networking. You ask any recruiter or client delivery leader what the most important aspect of their job is and

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Your Brand: The Personal and The Public

Social media is inescapable and it’s hard to not participate in some form of it, as we are tied to technology from personal shopping trips to how we conduct business meetings. However, when you’re a candidate or an employee your personal brand is as important as your public brand. If both are not considered,

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