Hygge Your Workplace: What is hygge, and How Can You Do it at Work?

As busy as we get, we don’t have time to indulge ourselves especially when winter is a never ending story. We feel overwhelmed with new assignments and our to-do list seems to be endless. We are working around the clock to solve personal and professional matters with no time to take a break. It sounds

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Creating a Culture of Gratitude

With busy work schedules and the fast pace of the work place, managers and coworkers often forget to  acknowledge those around them who help keep one another successful.   Not only does it create a healthy team environment, creating a culture of gratitude can help improve morale and inspires creativity by making all participants and colleagues

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Company Culture – How Important is It for Job Satisfaction?

In my 14 years of working in the recruiting industry, I’ve always found it odd when someone doesn’t ask about the company culture during an interview. When I was just out of college, the job market favored employers, and as a result, I didn't put much focus on researching a company’s corporate climate – I

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Raise your profile – get noticed at work!

Do you sometimes find that you have been in an organisation or a role for a while and you feel like you just aren’t being recognised for the work that you do at work? Sometimes, there are opportunities that pass you by because people don’t know your capability, or you might be passed up to

New Season, Old Comfort Zone – Get Uncomfortable!

There’s always a transition between the summer and fall seasons that I love – the subtle changes in the summer breezes, the leaves start to turn color, kids going back to school, and the great shopping for fall clothes & boots (yay!)  No matter how great your summer was, you have to be ready to

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Three Most Self-Defeating Thoughts that Block Promotion

Has the time flown or has it not? The month of August is making its way to bring in with it, what it has, and I’m kind of excited. Something about being introduced to new days that were once unknown is exhilarating. There’s so much that can happen in a month and even so much

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What Do You want to be When You Grow Up

As a father of 3 children, one in college and two more about to enter higher education, the questions around what they want to major in and what kind of careers they want to pursue is a frequent topic of conversation in our household. Beyond the college years, and well into adulthood, people often think

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The Career and the Side Hustle

In addition to a full-time job, many employees are now embracing supplementary employment in the form of a side hustle. As opposed to a part-time job with strict schedules and expectations, a side hustle is typically freelance or contract in nature; something entrepreneurial that gives the employee the flexibility to decide how and when

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Building Client Relationships in a Virtual Environment

Building Client Relationships in a Virtual Environment Working in a virtual environment without the opportunity to make a face to face impression can be difficult at times. In recruitment, it is all about sales and personal connections; working a very process centric environment can add another layer of complexity to the scenario. So, how do

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