Don’t Make These Interview Mistakes

  The interview process can be a bit scary, but staying calm is your best option.  Confidence can be the key to landing that perfect job. Understanding what you should and shouldn’t do during an interview is important. Many interviewees know what to do during an interview, but do you know what not to do?

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What’s up with all the Interview Questions?

Most active job seekers will recall a number of interview instances where they felt stupefied by weird, rude, irrelevant questions asked during interviews. Being a recruiter, I can say that there is, most often, a perfectly reasonable explanation for the questions we ask; that beings said, there are also questions we ask because of obligations

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5 Mistakes to Avoid After You Graduate

In the recruitment industry, the summer period is closely linked to new graduates who seek to enter the labor market after many years spent on school benches. Some of them already have professional experience, since they held student jobs; while others have chosen to devote 100% of their time to their studies, preferring to gain

7 Job Searching Etiquette Tips to Help You Land Your Next Job

When you’re in the market for a new job, the first steps in the process we usually think of are updating our resume and LinkedIn profile, what job board sites we’ll target, and preparing for interviews that we’ll hopefully be on soon. These are all necessary and important things to consider. But I think all

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Presentation is Everything – 8 Tips to Dress for Your Successful Job Interview

You have an interview – time to pull out that cute new mini skirt and tank outfit you got last week. Not so much. Listen, I have a closet full of fun clothes I like to pull out when I want to change up my regular go-to of yoga pants and t-shirts. I try to

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Back to Basics: First Impressions

So, you’ve applied for the job, and now you’re waiting to hear back. This can be a testing period in the process, where you anticipate the prospective employer will get in touch, but you are conscious that more hopefuls will be counting on the same. Either way, you need to be prepared for the

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Why is there a Second Interview?

This is a great question. Often candidates struggle with the concept of the second interview, according to a number of hiring managers that I have supported in the past.  As a recruiter, I have received conflicting feedback about the results of second interviews with otherwise “would-be perfect” candidates.  In this article, I will provide simple

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Can You Ask Too Many Questions in an Interview?

This is an interesting question that was recently posed on a recruiters’ Facebook group.  As I contemplate this question, I see it not as a yes or no question – it is a situational and contextual question.  Let me explain: As a candidate, what is the purpose of asking questions during a job interview? Take

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Do you think about Telephone Etiquette When Job hunting?

I recently contacted a candidate about a position as a follow-up to an online application. The call went like this (names changed to protect the guilty): Alex: Hello. (monotone) Me: Hi! May I speak with Alex? Alex. Yeah. Me: Is this Alex? Alex: Yeah. Me: This is Cynde with XYZ Staffing. You had applied online

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Shine like a STAR!

The idea of competency-based interviews might cause stress and anxiety for many of us. One of the reasons for these reactions is a lack of knowledge about how to handle these types of questions. Many people also don’t know how to get prepared for this type of interview. In fact, understanding the core concept

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