Soft Skills, Do you Need Them?

Proving you have the soft skills for the job  When putting together a resume and preparing to interview for a new job, many candidates forget that not only are employers looking for education, programs mastered, technical skills and certifications, but they are also looking for something else.  Soft skills are attributes that can add value

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It’s Time to Update Your Resume!

So we’re 8 months into the new year. The old year has bit the dust and we’ve now exchanged gifts and partied like it was 1999. Last year, as far as employment goes for me, I shifted in August, from my position as a Pre-Employment Coordinator to a Customer Care Specialist. It was a challenging

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Saying Something Unpleasant About Your Last Employer

Pssst – hey you. Yes, you over there. Looking for a new job? Got some interviews lined up? Prepared to answer questions about why you are looking for a new job? I’ll let you in on a little secret. You ready? Here goes. Do not bad mouth your current or previous company (or manager) when

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Company Culture – How Important is It for Job Satisfaction?

In my 14 years of working in the recruiting industry, I’ve always found it odd when someone doesn’t ask about the company culture during an interview. When I was just out of college, the job market favored employers, and as a result, I didn't put much focus on researching a company’s corporate climate – I

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Raise your profile – get noticed at work!

Do you sometimes find that you have been in an organisation or a role for a while and you feel like you just aren’t being recognised for the work that you do at work? Sometimes, there are opportunities that pass you by because people don’t know your capability, or you might be passed up to

New Season, Old Comfort Zone – Get Uncomfortable!

There’s always a transition between the summer and fall seasons that I love – the subtle changes in the summer breezes, the leaves start to turn color, kids going back to school, and the great shopping for fall clothes & boots (yay!)  No matter how great your summer was, you have to be ready to

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Ghosting a Job Opportunity: Why It Is Never a Good Idea

It is hard to go through career articles and/or LinkedIn feeds without seeing the topic of “Ghosting” come across these days. It has become an epidemic in recruitment as of late. So what exactly is ghosting? Ghosting is when a candidate drops out of the recruitment process. This could be at any phase of the

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Staying in Touch with a Recruiter – When and How Much?

A tricky part of the job seeking process is determining the right amount of contact to have with a recruiter. When should you follow up? And how? Should you follow up at all? No one wants to be a pest, but at the same time, you don’t want to risk being forgotten either. Truly, there

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