Job Hopping is the New Trend!

Today, attraction and retention are a major issue for most companies, but this has not always been the case. How have we gone from generations who considered themselves lucky to have a job to the point of never leaving the hand that feeds them, to an era where stability and loyalty are obsolete? Intrigued by

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Changement d’emplois fréquent est la nouvelle tendance!

Aujourd’hui, les problèmes d’attraction et de rétention sont un enjeu de taille pour la plupart des entreprises mais il n’en a pas toujours été ainsi. Comment sommes-nous passé de générations qui se considéraient chanceux d’avoir un emploi au point de ne jamais quitter la main qui les nourrit, à une aire ou la stabilité et

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How to Shine Like a Leader as a Team-Member

I would consider myself an experienced professional who has worked in various settings, acquiring transferable skills along the way; however, I’ve never actually transitioned into management/supervisory roles. It’s not that I don’t possess the taste buds to step into such rolls, I’ve just never received the opportunity to work as a manager or supervisor for

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Students – How to Get Hired!

I have had the privilege of working with college students for most of my career either in a university career services or recruiting capacity.  While I have had tons of fun, I have also learned many things that are typical questions of every student each year.  Here, I will try to answer some common questions

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Avoiding Project Management Pitfalls- Part 2: Execution, Monitoring & Controlling and Closing Projects

My previous article focused on common project management pitfalls during the initiating and planning process groups. This article will focus on common project management pitfalls for the last three project management process groups: Executing Monitoring and Controlling Closing Executing is the act of performing the work that has been scoped in the project management plan

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The Pros and Cons of Counter Offers

As a recruiting professional, I have seen situations where someone applies for a new position, goes through the interview process, gets an offer, notifies/gives notice to their current employer, and the current employer comes back with a counter offer to get the person to stay. Sometimes, frankly, I have worked with candidates where I

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Planning Your Career Path

Think about your career plans right now. Some reading this may not have a career plan, but maybe you are now starting to think you need a plan. Now, think about your career plans when you were five years old. How do they compare? Do you still want to be a ballerina, fire fighter, or

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5 Erreurs à éviter Après Votre Diplôme

Dans l’industrie du recrutement, la période estivale est étroitement liée aux nouveaux diplômés, qui cherchent à intégrer le marché du travail après de longues années passées sur les bancs d’écoles. Certains ont déjà de l’expérience, puisqu’ils ont occupé des emplois étudiants; alors que d’autres ont choisi de se consacrer à 100% sur leurs études, préférant

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5 Mistakes to Avoid After You Graduate

In the recruitment industry, the summer period is closely linked to new graduates who seek to enter the labor market after many years spent on school benches. Some of them already have professional experience, since they held student jobs; while others have chosen to devote 100% of their time to their studies, preferring to gain

Surviving in Between Jobs: 3 Benefits of Working a Temp Job

Graduating from college in December 2010 and snagging my first real job in banking, May of 2011, I expected to be a working girl in the Windy City of Chicago for a long time after.  Almost four years later, I never expected that this would no longer be my reality.  My plans to transition from

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