Just Why Do Employers Do a Background Check?

  So Just Why Do Employers Do a Background Check? Preemployment background checks are becoming increasingly prevalent in the work place as the majority of new hires are now prescreened.  You may ask yourself, why is this necessary and how does it affect me as a job seeker?  The reality is that when you are

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Pre-Employment 101 – The Don’ts!

During my time as a Pre-Employment Coordinator and my recent transition to the position of a Candidate Care Specialist, I've realized a host of cringeworthy habits and/or behaviors coming from potential employees that makes me wonder if the basics of the process to becoming employed are all but a fleeting wonder. I've been left scratching

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How to Handle a Planned Vacation When Looking For a New Job

So, you’ve decided that now is the right time to look for your next opportunity. You’ve done all the right and responsible things - updated your resume, filled out applications, did some research on other companies, networked with some good leads. But, hold up, how could you forget? There is that great (and already paid

One Job Offer Accepted and Another Offer Comes In – Now What?

You’ve been on the job hunt for a while now looking for your ideal job. As we all know, landing a new job is not always a quick process; in fact, it usually takes a lot of time and effort. And by the time we get to the final stages of any hiring process, we’re

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If You Got the Job, Would You Really Be Happy?”

“If you got the job, would you really be happy?” – a really interesting question to ask. In North America and Europe, unemployment rates are the lowest they have been since before the recession, according to Eurostat, Bureau of Labor Statistics and Statistics Canada. When the unemployment rate is low, more people are employed

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How to Turn Down the Job After You’ve Accepted the Offer

Mostly, the current job seeker doesn’t put all of their eggs in one basket, rather they apply for many similar positions available on the market. What if, at some point of the recruitment process, you decide you are no longer interested? Should you inform the recruiter even if you didn’t receive job offer yet, or

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